Luis Ruelas Video, Controversial Video: What to Know, ‘RHONJ’ Stars’ Reactions The news of leaked videos comes to the fore in heavy numbers and it become very normal for celebrities to gain popularity. Recently, another name has hit the internet which is Luis Ruelas. Now, people are searching to know who is Luis Ruelas and how did his video got leaked? The searches to watch Luis Ruelas Leaked videos have touched the sky and thousands of people have already watched the full video. Now, we are providing complete detail on this topic because we know that our users also looking forward to getting complete information about this video that takes the entire internet by storm.

Luis Ruelas Video, Controversial Video: What to Know, ‘RHONJ’ Stars’ Reactions

Let us tell you that Luis Ruelas is a loving fiance of Teresa Giudice. As all of us know that Teresa is already very famous for her controversies in which her first marriage is also included. Yes, Teresa is a divorcee and her ex-husband’s name is Joe Giudice. They both married each other in 1999 and spent a total of 20 years and then divorced in 2019. Let us also tell you that the beautiful couple also shared four children together. Unfortunately, things went wrong and just a few months ago, Teresa filed a case in court for a divorce.

In Season 11 of Real Housewives, Joe arrives in New Jersey, he realized that he had seen a new guy for himself whom we know as Luis Ruelas. She got divorced from her husband and now both are dating each other. Later, the rumors come on social media and many people start claiming that they both are dating each other. On the other hand, Luis Ruelas also claims that he wants Teresa as his second wife. Talking about the video that went viral on the internet, Luis addressed one of his exes on the beach. He was shirtless in the video and said a lot.

He said, “I’m coming home to see you, get engaged and bring our family together and finally get married and have a life together. I’ve been here for a week”. Now, the news of his Giudice and Luis split also surfaced on the internet. Later, Giudice claimed that Luis mistreated his past girlfriend and demanded sexual intercourse from his past partners. Now, the video of Luis with his past girlfriend went viral on the internet in which he talked to her in a very bad manner. Now, the video has taken lots of rounds on the internet, and people criticize him for his behavior.


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