Denmark Handball League is one of the most entertaining and fabulous leagues that introduce some of the best matches for fans around the world. Everyone loves to watch the matches of the league because there are different skills and talents of the player.

LTH vs MTH Live Score

Most of people love to watch these matches on the handball court and maybe, the league is all set to introduce one more match to the fans again. Tonight, team Lemvig-Thyboron (LTH) and team Mors-Thy Handball (MTH) will face off each other on the handball court. Here are some important information for those who is willing to watch this match.

Many fans are predicting that this team has more chances to win tonight but this is not easy to find out which team has more chances to win this match because there will be lots of tricks and strategies in the game that can turn a match easily. Well, we will also provide the prediction of the upcoming match and watchers are also excited to watch this match on the handball court. Are you ready to watch this match online because some servers will broadcast this match live. Some of the information including time, date, venue, league, and prediction is available below.

LTH vs MTH: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Lemvig-Thyboron (LTH) vs Mors-Thy Handball (MTH)
  • League:- Denmark Handball League
  • Venue:- Vestjylland Forsikring, Lemvig
  • Date:- Tuesday, November 23, 2021
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

LTH vs MTH: Team Squad

Lemvig-Thyboron (LTH):- Mikkel Sandholm, Nicolai Pugholm, Christian Holm, Svend Rughave, Thomas Damgaard, Nicolaj Spanggaard, Nicklas Graugaard, Jorn Smits, Mads Thymann, Jesper Kokholm, Villads Raahauge Jensen, Joakim Andre Hykkerud, Rasmus Porup, Jacob Hessellund, Frederik Iversen, and Niels Lindholt.

Mors-Thy Handball (MTH):- Emi Hansson, Bjarke Christensen, Lasse Pedersen, Kristian Lund Vukman, Mads Hoxer Hangaard, Marcus Midtgaard Sorensen, Rasmus Nissen Henriksen, Erik Thorsteinsen Toft, Sander Overjordet, Viktor Siersbaek Bergholt, Andreas Johann Nielsen, Rasmus Bech, Tim Sorensen, Victor Amnitzboll Norlyk, Kasper Lindgren, Johan Nilsson, Jonas Hermannsen, Axel Franzen, and Jacob Mikkel Hansen.

LTH vs MTH: XI Lineups Player

Lemvig-Thyboron (LTH):- Jacob Hessellund, Frederik Iversen, Jesper Kokholm, Nicklas Graugaard, Nicolaj Spanggaard, Rasmus Porup, and Thomas Damgaard.

Mors-Thy Handball (MTH):- Jacob Mikkel Hansen, Bjarke Christensen, Lasse Pedersen, Axel Franzen, Erik Thorsteinsen Toft, Sander Overjordet, Rasmus Nissen Henriksen, and Emi Hansson.

LTH vs MTH: Match Prediction

There are 15 teams in this league and every team has played 11 matches. Well, this team will play their 12th match tonight and as per the table points, team LTH is standing on the 9th spot with 4 winning matches and 5 lost matches. On the other side, team MTH has won 3 matches and 7 loss matches out of 11 matches. As per their performances in the last matches, team MTH has more chances to win this match tonight.


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