Watch LT Stabbed Fortitude Valley Death Video Brisbane Mall Footage Leaked Twitter & Reddit: A young father Lauie Michale Tagaloa who was stabbed in a food court on a Monday morning recently celebrated his daughter’s first birthday. When he was found dead he was not identified but after some time a group of his friends revealed about him. He was at the Brisbane food court where a shocking incident happened to him and that incident was captured on the cameras. This news is getting viral and people are getting emotional and raising funds for his family. If you don’t know about this incident we have shared detailed news about this incident. So, let’s have a look. Follow More Updates On

L.T Stabbed Fortitude Valley

Who Was Lauie Michael?

He was just twenty-four years old and he recently celebrated his daughter’s first birthday. Jordyn Cooper wrote about him that he was a kind-hearted person who always cared for everyone. If we talk about his personal life he was married and was blessed with a daughter who was just one year old. As his information is not available on Wikipedia and our team is trying to collect more information about him. Although people want to know whether the culprits are arrested or not. So the answer is mentioned in the next section.

What Happened With Lauie Michael?

He went to the Brisbane food court to have breakfast on Monday and one day before he celebrated her daughter’s birthday and the next day a horrific incident happened to him. He was in the food court and two men came and stabbed him that incident was captured on the camera and this video was shared by the team so that police can get help if anyone knows about the victim and culprit. A close friend of his saw the video and gave him information about him.

L.t Stabbed Video

Well, the one who killed him is identified in which is Seyram Kwami Djentuh who is just 20 years old he is arrested and will face court on 8th August. He is charged with the murder of Lauie Michale yesterday and he didn’t appear in court. As per the information, he is a college student and no more information was found against him people are waiting for the charges the court will give and Gofundme is also helping the family and till now they raised $6000 for the family which helps them to pay for their expenses. Stay connected with us for more latest updates & information on Business, Entertainment and other things.


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