The football thrill is not yet finished because the matches from the Norwegian league are yet to be played. As per the news, the upcoming football match of this amazing football league going to take place today at Arasen Stadion. The timing will be Sunday, July 18, 2021, at 09:30 PM. Definitely, you will not tired to watch this match because the upcoming two teams of this match are played such amazing gameplay in the last matches. Let’s have a bride discussion over the performance of players and other key factors related to this upcoming match.


LST vs MOL Live Score

This match will be played under the Norweigein League and will start at 09:30 PM IST. As per the news, the stadium is Arasen Stadion. The live stream platform is yet to be disclosed.

In the past few matches, LST served massive gameplay and no doubt they will continue this performance in upcoming days also. They won 3 matches and drew 2 matches as well. The performance indicates that the team has the potential to become better and become the finalist of this series. While on the other side, if we talk about MOL then we want to tell you that they won 4 matches and lost 1 match as well. Let’s move to the other important news and details of this upcoming match.

Lillestrom (LST): Álex Craninx, Emil Odegaard, Erik Tobias Sandberg, Lars Ranger, Vetle Winger Dragsnes, Mads Hedenstad Christiansen, Simen Kind Mikalsen, Josef Baccay, Espen Garnas, Phillip Alexander Kolberg Slordahl, Jørgen Sveinhaug

Molde (MOL): Eirik Andersen, Ohikhuaeme Omoijuanfo, Etzaz Hussain, Oliver Petersen, Eirik Hestad, Martin Björnbak, Marcus Pedersen, Fredrik Aursnes, Ola Brynhildsen, Stian Gregersen, Kristoffer Haugen

Move towards the prediction of this football match. It is exciting to find out the upcoming winner’s name. according to the details, we want to tell you this match is has two strong warriors. But Modle (MOL) is an extremely aggressive team and played such mind-blowing gameplay. Possibly they have huge chances to win this upcoming match-winner title. Although the exact result of this football match will come soon.


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