In the previous episode of MTV Love School Season 4, we have seen Mukta wasn’t happy despite reconnecting with Sagar as he is growing his bond with Africa. Mukta decided not to perform the task with anyone. She decided to quit the show as she was unhappy with Africa’s attempts to come between her and Sagar. Mukta almost walked away from the show, but Sagar came to her and apologized. He managed to make Mukta change her mind by saying that if Mukta is leaving the competition, he will leave the show with her. Sagar’s decision to go with Mukta shocks everyone, especially Africa.

In MTV Love School Season 4 episode 19, 29th June 2019, Manpreet gets eliminated in the judgment night while Sunny decides to leave the show with his lady love. Love professor Karan tells Sunny that he’s safe, but Sunny says that he came into the Love School with Manpreet to stronger their bond and to solve their relationship problems. He says if Manpreet is going home, then he will also go with her. Manpreet has changed a lot since they came into the show and she’s all new Manpreet now, he adds.

Ramiz and Gunjan get disagree on eliminated Gizelle and Rishabh. While Ramiz wants Gunjan to vote out Rishabh, she wants Ramiz to vote out Gizelle. Next morning, Gunjan and Rishabh see Gizelle and Ramiz sleeping together and cuddling. Gunjan and Rishabh confront Gizelle and Ramiz and make an issue of the topic. Gizelle tells Gunjan to shut her mouth, saying that she’s isn’t his Ramiz’s girlfriend. Rishabh also shows that he’s upset over their cuddling scene. Ramiz says that he still loves Gizelle and that he kept his loyalty for her only.

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Later, love professors Karan and Anusha take a love exam of all the contestants named “Drive Me Crazy.” After the interesting fun-filled love exam, Karan asks contestants to speak their heart out. Everyone shares their stories while many get emotional. Asheema shares about her trust issues while Gizelle tells how she has changed completely. Ramiz also shares a heartbreaking true story. Well, this is not all as Sagar’s game of shuffling around with Africa and Mukta creates a problem for him. Mukta hits Sagar in front of everyone, including the love professors that shocks everyone. Watch MTV Love School Season 4 Episode 19, 29th June 2019 at 7 PM on MTV and anytime on Voot.


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