Love All Play Season 1 Episode 18: Spoiler, Release Date and Time & Where To Watch: Hello everyone, Today we are going to be talking about another sports anime that is really fun to watch anime and is very suitable for those who are looking to watch some light content. Apparently, it is an anime that is based on the game badminton. It is quite different from what the other sports anime are bringing on the plate. So, far there has been a total of 17 episodes that have been released and are also available on the associated streaming platforms. We will be discussing all the relevant details related to the anime and sharing them with you. let’s get started. Follow More Updates On

Love All Play Season 1 Episode 18

Love All Play Season 1 Episode 18 Spoiler

Love all play is a Japanese anime that is based on the novel series that was written by  Asami Koseki. There are a total of 4 volumes of that series and the anime has been based on them. The anime was adapted by the Nippon Animation studio and OLM. The show premiered in the April of 2022 and has released a total of 17 episodes so far. The novel series was also adapted into manga series and the art in the manga was given by Dam Miyata. The adaptation of the anime series was announced on the 7th of August in 2021.

Name of the Season Love All Play
Episode Number Episode 18
Genre Sports
Love All Play initial Release Date 2 April 2022
Love All Play Season 1 Episode 18 Release Date August 13, 2022
Number of seasons Season 1

Love All Play Season 1 Episode 18 Release Date

With the anime premiering in the month of April it has garnered a lot of attention from anime fans and it has got them eager to know when the next episode will be released. You don’t need to worry as we bring you the release date of the anime. From what we know of the anime, there are just 21 days left in the premiere of the 18th episode. So, we can say that the episode will be released on the 13th of August in the year 2022.

Love All Play Season 1 Episode 18 Release Time

I’m sure that you must be hyped for the next episode or else why would you be here in the first place. Our love for anime is what keeps us together and we will stay like that until the world has anime. There are also going to be some amazing badminton games that will be thrilling to watch as the anime reaches its end. Those who have watched all the released episodes must be knowing that how amazing the coming episodes are going to be. If you are hyped to watch the anime and learn more updates then stay tuned with us for more and keep loving anime.


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