Recently, a couple has been capturing big attention of the audience because of a video. According to the latest updates, a well-known English model, Ferne McCann has broken after watching the shocking video of her boyfriend Lorri Haines. Lorri was appeared and went viral on social media last week.

Lorri Haines Video Leaked

The video was watched by millions of netizens around the world and it was quite interesting for the watchers. Now, the video has gone viral on the Internet but some of people are still searching for this. Keep reading to know more about this.

Lorri Haines Video Leaked

Lorri Haines is a 30-years-old and in the viral footage, he was topless and only wearing white shorts while dancing and can be seen holding 2 packets of an anonymous substance. Along with this, The Towie’s star new man was captured holding something suspicious white powder while partying with pals.

It was a Dubai apartment where he was filming the video. Lorri denied accepting taking drugs and told The Sun. In his hand, it can be easily seen that those are two white powder while music was playing in the background.

Along with this, he was also seen taking a scoop of the powder and bringing it close to its nose but a man who was the off-camera was heard telling him to take it down. After the video of the Lorri went viral, 31-year-old Ferne is believed to be saddened by the leaked footage of her new boyfriend. Lorri always stays unlucky in his TV career and in this year, he was lucky to have a love like Ferne who has changed his life forever.

Lorri Haines Video Full Link

Unfortunately, Ferne is facing some heartache after her love’s video went viral on social media. She was devastated and really shock by the news. The video went viral a week after Ferne announced her forever love with Lorri Haines on this Valentine’s day through a video on the beach.

After the video leaked on the Internet, many people are continuously sharing this and the video is also spreading like wildfire. Well, some accounts have deleted the video but still, it is available on a few accounts. In recent days, the model and the TV personality became a hot topic on the Internet, and maybe, many fans also made fun of the personality and left several hate comments over his videos.


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