In case you are looking to upgrade or buy an inverter this season, do not get lost in the marketing gimmicks and improve your understanding of inverters by doing a little homework. Irrespective of your power or load requirements and budget, it is always wise to invest in the best inverter company. Luminous is the pioneer amongst the inverter companies in India. So, make sure you go through the comprehensive list of the inverter ratings available online and invest in the best inverter company with promised results.



• This is India’s first ever series of inverters with integrated li-ion              batteries. These lithium-ion batteries have a three times longer life,      charge three times faster and come with a 15 per cent higher                  efficiency as compared to the conventional lead acid batteries. The      Regalia inverter range is designed with an ultra-modern look, a              smart Wi-Fi-support and is also completely safe and secure for                homes with children.

• It is indeed a marvel in the power back-up systems, with the range     available being 1500VA to 6400VA. The technology behind this               series of inverters with integrated and highly efficient lithium-ion         batteries is the Sine wave technology.

• The Regalia series for inverters comes in two variants; the wall              mounted and the floor mounted inverters. The variation in design        adds to the modern and futuristic design of your home. Also, this          inverter range is Wi-Fi enabled. Yes, you read it right. So, investing        in Luminous is investing in a smart yet a sustainable power backup      arrangement for your dream home.

Li-on 1250

• The lion 1250 is a highly intelligent inverter with a built-in battery. It      is an extremely powerful inverter of the new age. It comes with a        built-in Li-ion battery that last longer, charge faster and offer a              consistent back-up across its lifetime accompanied to being                    maintenance free.

• The product performance in case of these inverters is controlled          and managed by the Intelligent battery management system                  (BMS) that increases the performance of the product immensely.

• Accompanied to the Pure Sine wave technology backing up this            range of inverters, the battery capacity for this inverter range is           1280 Wh and the inverter capacity altogether is 1100VA/880W.               Experience consistency in terms of power backup and high-class           performance, with no requirement for maintenance. Invest in the          Li-on 1250 inverter range from the best invert company today!


The Icon series

• Icon series is an unprecedented and revolutionary inverter series          that promises to be an iconic jewel in the inverter battery market          today. The icon series is the pure sine wave inverter series,                      featuring a highly integrated battery design.

• It also comes with an elegant pearl white colored battery                        enclosure, adding a premium ultra-modern look to the living room        space. In addition to this, the inverter series is ergonomically                  designed, making the process of distilled water filling in inverters          very convenient and at the same time hassle-free.

• The Icon series by Luminous, the best inverter company in India            efficiently supports faster charging of low voltage battery, starting      from 90V. The Icon series inverter comes with a capacity of 900VA/      756W and backed by the best, Sine wave inverter technology.

• Icon inverter series has no open wires as a battery is encapsulated        in the inverter, making it completely safe and idealistic inverter for      your home. So, invest in the highly efficient and cost-effective                inverter range by Luminous, the best inverter company in India and      build your dream home to be a safer place to live.


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