Those who stay always active on some popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok platform, get also updated with some popular trends of the Internet which are created by users of these platforms. If you are one of them who like to create some amazing videos on Tik Tok via using some trends so, you might know about the trend as well.

look me in my eyes new trend on tiktok

We have told about many trends and once again, there is another trend for the users titled “Look Me In My Eyes”. Now, the song has become a trend on the Internet and many people are using this trend to gain some attraction.

“Look Me In My Eyes” Tik Tok Viral Song

Well, a new trend has been hitting the users on Tik Tok and the song is making all the users go crazy over the song. People love to use the trend when it comes into the limelight and after several trends has made their space on social media, “Look Me In My Eyes” has made another day for the fans to create a big buzz.

When TikToker takes a new song and creates some kind of content, it won’t take much time to become viral on social media. Now, let’s share some details about the trend and from where it was started first.

After many trends, the “Look Me In My Eyes” trend is also going viral among all the fans and they are creating some new content for their watchers. According to the sources, the song is a new Tik Tok remix of the H.E.R “Could’ve Been” ft Bryson Tiller. Maybe, the users used this song with slow music and a beat. The remix made this song more amazing and attractive which is creating a new trend right now.

Currently, the trend has become one of the most loving and wonderful trend on the day and even, some videos of the trend can be also seen on Twitter and Instagram. Maybe, the trend is going to be more viral than any other trend.

“Look Me In My Eyes” The Song Lyrics

As we have told above that the song has some beat and music which is making it more amazing. Well, only a 15 second part of the song is using in the trend. Here is the lyrics of the trend:

” I ain’t just your friend; No, What’s the point of Lying? ryna sell a story ain’t nobody buyin’ Look me in my eyes; don’t that feel nice?”

The lyrics of the song have another fanbase and a masterpiece of H.E.R featuring Bryson Tiller. Currently, the creators are using this trend to make different type of creativity by this song.


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