Mouny Roy coming up with a sizzling new avatar as secret agency officer of India. The new movie ‘London Confidential’ is on its way and it will reach you soon. To know each and every detail related to this movie be with us in this blog. We will definitely tell you the Release Date, Storyline, and Star Cast of London Confidential. The movie is directed by the Kanwal Sethi and produced by Mohit Chhabra and Ajay Rai. The film is about R&AW agents and pandemic situations like COVID-pandemic. you will definitely love the story of this movie Because the story is written by the S. Hussain Zaidi.



Through the given information information in the trailer of this movie there is clear that the movie is based on the Secrate R&AW officials who stationed in london and they have gathered such large amount evidences against the chinease conspiracy which has involve in spread the virus in Indian and china borders. when the agents are very close to the case and few evidence were remains then suddenly Chinease authority get wind of this through a mole in the Indian embassy. In order to have a low-key presence the R&AW uses a grocery store as their outpost to execute and coordinate operations.

Star Cast of this movie

If we talk about the star cast of this movie there we have many popular actors name where the Mouny Roy is the highlighted name between whole characters. She is former actress in Tv serial Nagin which premiered on Colors.

  • Mouni Roy as Uma
  • Purab Kohli as Arjun
  • Kulraj Randhawa as Nirupama
  • Sagar Arya as Sharad
  • Parvesh Rana as Azaad
  • Jas Binag as Saurabh
  • Diljohn Singh as Biren
  • Kiren jogi as Mrs Mehta
  • Roxane Cabassut as Angelie

Release date of ‘London Confidential’

Before revealing the release date of this movie. we highly recommend you to watch the trailer of this movie and if you already watch the trailer. let’s reveal the release date. According to the information the release date is given as 18th September 2020. which is also mentioned in the trailer also.

Where to watch

Due to the COVID-pandemic as per the given information, the movie will be released on OTT(over the top) platform which is a medium of releasing any film and show via the internet. This movie will be premiered on the Zee5 an Entertainment platform. If you want to watch this movie download the app now for the future and as you know they will release on 18th September, So you can watch it at your home easily when sitting on your couch.



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