The going on-trend is actually engaging millions to watch the upcoming fight. Yes, we are talking about Youtuber Logan Paul who is all set to his another boxing match. If we talk about the competitor of Logan Paul then he will be Anderson Silva. After watching the fights, it is cleared that Logan and his brother Jake Paul leaving a mark in the boxing industry. After the fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, the rumors stated that he is all set for another fight with Anderson Silva. As all of us know that he is a very famous Youtuber but comes into highlight when he challenges Floyd Mayweather for a boxing fight.

logan paul vs anderson silva

Logan Paul vs Anderson Silva Boxing Event

Now, he is again going on the peak and collecting lots of attention from the audience. Let us also tell you that the pair have not confirmed the fight yet Dillion Danis has started a social media buzz of their fight.

Not only this, but the netizens also eagerly waiting to watch the exceptional and cut-throat fight between two amazing and powerful boxers. As per the sources, the viral news claimed that fight between Logan Paul and Anderson Silva will be going to take place on 19th September 2021.

Logan Paul vs Anderson Silva Where To Watch

If we talk about Dillion then he received the text from Victor Doria, who is a Jiu-Jitsu black holder. Not only this, but the sources also confirmed that the fight between them will be the main one. Unfortunately, other names of the fighters have not been revealed yet but very soon the officials will confirm the fight. Now, if we talk about the event location then it will be all set to take place in Dubai. The official statement of Dillion said that “There will be a huge event in Dubai on September 19. The main event is Anderson Silva vs Logan Paul boxing match”.

Now, the upcoming fight if it will be going to happen in real then it will be very enthusiastic and fantastic to watch. As all of us know that the tren begins with the fight of Logan Paul with Floyd Mayweather that results in the victory of Logan Paul. Now, the rumors claimed that Logan is all set for his next fight in which his next competitor is Anderson Silva.

If the rumor is true then millions of people are keen to watch the exceptional fight between those celebrities. Otherwise, stay connected with us to know more information related to the upcoming updates.


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