WATCH: Logan Paul Suicide Forest Japan Video Goes Viral On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: In an interview with Logan Paul, he revealed that Logan Paul’s relations with The Rock were totally spoiled when Logan Paul posted a vlog in 2017 of a man committing suicide. Logan Paul told the media after he posted the suicide blog then his idol told him to delete their photos or videos from social media. Logan Paul, the YouTuber, and a boxer divulge to the media, that the celebrities and politicians told the authorities to cancel his postings after the video of a man from Japan was published through Logan Paul’s channel by him, but one of them all had really hurt him. Follow More Updates On

Logan Paul Suicide Forest Japan Video

Logan Paul Suicide Forest Japan Video

On the True Geordie Podcast, Logan Paul expressed that it was the saddest moment of his life when The Rock means Johnson called his communicator and said the things which made him extremely low. He told, that when the communicator called him, the lady asked him to delete every photo and video of Johnson and Logan Paul. According to Logan Paul, Johnson could have come to him personally or they could have talked on the topic, but he chose his communicator to inform him that he did not want to spoil his name, and just a few days ago, Johnson talked to Logan Paul as if nothing had happened, but Logan Paul did not reply to his message.

Recently Johnson reacted to Logan Paul’s recent performance in the WrestleMania. Johnson said that he was proud of the work of Maverick, which really shows that Johnson’s and Logan Paul’s relationship is going through the toughest phase. Logan Alexander Paul was born on the 1st of April in 1995. He is a very famous American YouTuber and a social media personality. He completed his schooling at Westlake High School.

Logan Paul Suicide Forest Japan Video on Twitter

Logan Paul runs his own podcast named “Impulsive” since 2018’s November. His YouTube channel is subscribed to by more than 23 million subscribers. Logan Paul earned so much fame after he started posting his sketches on social media. His YouTube channel, TheOfficialLoganPaul started on the 18th of October in 2013. Later, Logan Paul started another YouTube channel for his vlogs on the 29th of August in 2015, and for the current times, this vlog YouTube channel has become of the most subscribed YouTube channel. Logan Paul generally posts videos of him reacting in a funny manner on any topic.

Logan Paul has also been a part of World Wrestling Entertainment. He started his WWE debut on the 2nd of April in 2021. However, Logan Paul is suffering from colorblindness to red and green colors. Some other YouTubers such as Ethan Klein and iDubbbz have made fun of his impairment.


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