Welcome guys! Hope you are doing well amidst this strenuous situation of lockdown. I know you would probably have not much thing to do right now. Amidst all of that, here are some good news about the match that is springing up today on 26th of April, 2020. This is indeed a happening match and the audience seems to be really crazy about watching either of the teams play.

Leones MGA will be squaring off against the team Costa Caribe in the Nicaragua Basketball League game. The teams are supposed to face each other on Sunday, April 26 at 6:00 am IST. Good news is awaiting for the fans wherein they can play the  LM vs CC live game on the fantasy gaming app ‘ Dream11 itself.

LM vs CC

Date: Sunday, 26th April 2020
Time: 6:00 AM IST
Venue: Alexis Arguello

LM vs CC

Leones de Managua is being expected to square off against the Costa Caribe for the upcoming playoff of the Nicaragua Basketball League 2020. As both the teams are standing in the Top 5 of the tournament, it is going to be an equal level competition and either of the teams are going to give a neck-to-neck fight to each other. Both the teams, Leones de Managua and Costa Caribe will be seen to give their best as none of them will actually want to leave their positions in the tournament and let the other one move ahead by any chance.

LM vs CC Dream11 prediction: LM vs CC Dream11 starting 5: Costa Caribe

Point Guard: Peter Martinez

Shooting Guard: Daniel Tenorio

Shooting Forward: Alfredo Borge

Power Forward: Manuel Mackenzie

Center: Danny Gomez (SP)

LM vs CC Dream11 prediction: LM vs CC Dream11 starting 5: Leones MGA

Point Guard: Oscar Ramirez

Shooting Guard: Wesley Miranda

Shooting Forward: Harold Barberena

Power Forward: Reynaldo Sanchez

Center: Roberto Rocha

Currently, the Leones de Managua has fought against Rivas and it has won the match scoring 99 points while the latter one could score just 59 points. On the other hand, LM has recently fought against Carazo with a victory of 79-76. Let’s hope for the best team to win this match.



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