Who Is Liya Chu? Meet ‘MasterChef Junior’ Winner – Age, Instagram, Parents, Family: Here we are sharing with you a piece of news with you. It is a secret she had to keep to himself due to pandemic delays for 3 years. But this time, Liya Chu can tell the world – if they were not seen already that she is the new MasterChef Junior. 13 years old – who was 10 when she was filmed on the Fox cooking show and she was crowned the winner in a compelling, and often nerve-wracking finale that aired on 23 June. Here we have more information about it and we will try to cover all the information in this article so let’s continue the article. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Liya Chu

Who Is Liya Chu?

The show, which has done its 8th season, follows 16 young chefs from across the country, ages 8 to 13 from over the country because they go through a series of cooking challenges. This season’s judges included chefs Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and wellness advocate and author Daphne Oz. Over the course of the 13-week series, Chu filters a salmon in less than 15 minutes, immersed and cooked a steak made with jalapeno poppers, a Scotch egg, and doughnut holes, and finally in the final show – showed off her cooking prowess with pork dumplings with a recipe she has learned from her mother.

Liya Chu ‘MasterChef Junior’ Winner

Along with boasting rights, a trophy, and a dream apron, the Scarsdale, New York citizen got $100,000 in prize money, she plans to save for college as well as a trip with her family. She said ” Without my family may not have learned as much or even begun cooking in the kitchen to being with,” So I really want to do anything with them. Liya is a famous personality at her parent’s Westchester, New York restaurants. Iwen Chen and Auston Chu have their own Fantasy Cuisine in Hartsdale and Dumping Plus Noodle in Bronxville, say since the first show aired on 17 March, customers are asking their staff where Liya is and if she will be in anytime soon.

Liya Chu: Age, Instagram, Parents

That is also because she was grown up in restaurants and according to her father, helped out at the hostess stand being when she was 5 years old,’ She was always talking sociable,” Said Auston Chu.”I recall one year, at Christmas, when we were very busy and she took it upon herself to hand out menus and help seat people to their tables. She loved cooking and she started when she was 7 years old. When she started the show, Liya mentioned she’d like to open a restaurant that served hibachi and sushi. stay tuned for more updates.


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