After a heavy Dispute, Kangna Ranaut is likely to come to Mumbai, and before her presence, some unwanted circumstances have been started around her office, and at her residence. Anti- supporters of her are all set to show worst, therefore Kangana’s supporters have reached the airport. As we all know that Kangana is against nepotism and all the undesired stuff that is going on in the Bollywood industry and she has covered almost these groups, and she has been supported by many Bollywood stars.

kangana ranaut

Kangana’s most of the statements create havoc on social media and netizen gets the opportunity to troll and to also to support her. She went on taking a stand against Nepotism and she tells that how tough it is to become a star if you are not a part of this industry. Her latest tweet has crossed 29k retweets and still crossing here is her latest tweet.


We hope that you all must be in the swim that she does not operate any Social media platform. She states but whatever you see on social media that is uploaded by her team. But she is giving a tough competition to everyone and better say to the Bollywood mafias.

After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana came into force and that too, too quickly. Miss Ranaut keeps on being in controversial deals, because of her statements. However, she is on her way to Mumbai and her haters have started to respond and on this, her supporters are also all set to protect her. Let’s see how far this war will go and who will hit the bricks and who will hit jackpot. Most of the big faces of Bollywood have reacted on her that you can check.


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