A report of an accident has been reported by the sources where two cars crashed with each other this afternoon. According to the sources, the A47 Acle Straight between Great Yarmouth and Acle had been closed for some time due to the crash car at A47 Acle Straight. Due to this car crash, the road has been blocked involving a motorhome and a car.

A47 Reopened After a Motorhome

Some of the sources are revealing that it was reportedly caused by oil spillage on the road. The incident took place at around 12 PM and a grey BMW and a motorhome were involved in this accident.

A47 Reopened After a Motorhome

Following the crash, the motorhome landed in a ditch. When the police received a call, they rushed to the spot including emergency services to handle to a situation as soon as possible. Later, the road reopened for the transports at around 05:20 PM following the crash which happened at about 12 PM.

Along with this, the reports are believing that there were no injuries that happened in the accident but the driver of the motorhome was taken to the hospital as a precaution. The local reports shared that they saw three people who were rescued from their vehicles.

During the rescue operation, fire crews from Great Yarmouth, Carrow, Acle, and Gorleston rushed to the spot and released three people from their vehicles, as per the local sources. After the crash, the Acle Straight was closed in both directions between the A1064 near Ace and A1249 at Great Yarmouth.

Along with this, the services of X1 and X11 First bus services were also diverted from the route via Filby. While the AA Traffic News Service told that there was an oil spillage on the road due to this, the vehicles crashed.

It is relieving that no one was harmed in this accident and rescued by the emergency team at the perfect time. The road was completely closed while the emergency services dealt with the accident.

When the accident took place, a large number of vehicles was seen in the traffic and it took several hours to handle the situation and the route was diverted until the road was opened. The AA Traffic Map was showing that the entire road has been closed and people were trying to handle the incident. Highway England also confirmed that there was oil on the road. Stay tuned for more updates.


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