One thing that can never be changed is people will never leave to find a simple way to become millionaires. So, the most common and popular way is through which many people truly become rich and living the lifestyle they see in their dreams. So, today we are going to talk about Kerala Bumper’s “THIRUVONAM BUMPER” 2021 (BR-81) Lottery because it is the only lottery that collects very huge attention from the people.

thiruvonam bumper 2021

Let us also tell you that the ticket has been released by the Hon’ble Finance Minister of Kerala Shri. K.N.Balagopal. The first prize in the lottery is Rs. 12 crores and the ticket cost is Rs. 300 only.

Kerala Thiruvonam Bumper 2021

Now, millions of people continuously searching to know more information related to the lottery. So, it is the most trending way for people to make such a huge amount of profit in a very short time.


This is the main reason behind millions of people continuously trying to purchase tickets for the lottery and waiting when their luck shines and they will get the grand first prize of the lottery. The prize structure of the lottery is given below because many people want to know the complete structure that how many winners will grab how much price amount.

Kerala Bumper “THIRUVONAM BUMPER” 2021 (BR-81) Lottery Price Structure

First prize: ₹12 Crore
Second Prize: 6 crore (1crore x 6 winners)
Third Prize: 1.2 crores (10 lakhs x 12 winners)
Fourth Prize: 60 Lakhs (5 lakhs x 12 winners)
Fifth Prize: 1 lakh (for the last five-digit)

Talking about the draw date of the lottery then it will be going to draw on 19th September 2021. The price of the ticket is Rs. 300. Not only this but the first prize of the lottery will be provided to only one winner while the second prize will be distributed to 6 winners, the third prize to 12 winners, the fourth prize to 12 winners and so on.

Now, what will happen next or who will grab the grand prize of the lottery is not yet disclosed. On 19th September 2021, everyone can get the number of the lottery that will change the entire life of a person who has the same number on the ticket.

If you want to check Kerala Bumper “THIRUVONAM BUMPER” 2021 (BR-81) Lottery Results then you just need to stay connected with us as we will update here the result. You just need to visit the same page and refresh it to get the updated result of the lottery. So, keep in touch with us to know more information related to the lotteries or other trending topics.


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