Recently, a big piece of news coming that a cyclonic disturbance happened over Lakshadweep and the Arabian Sea. According to the report, the disturbance becomes a cyclonic storm by 16th May 2021, Sunday. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has announced the warning to all the local residents of the parts of Maharashtra, Kerala, and Gujarat. The department confirmed that there will be heavy rain on Sunday in view of the rapid intensification of Cyclone Tauktae. Finally, the department issued a notice of heavy rain in some areas of the country.

tauktae updates

If we talk about Kerala, then, Code Red Alert has been already begun by the government. The department stated that there will be heavy rain in five districts of Kerala. The IMD confirmed predicted that Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, and Ernakulam will be going to suffer from red alert or heavy rain on Friday. All the local residents of the state are preparing themselves to suffer from the upcoming crisis as per the reports of the IMD. The cyclone storm created over the Arabian Sea and Lakshadweep will be very soon hit the southern parts of the country on Sunday. Many people preparing themselves for the upcoming heavy rain.

The confirmed statement of the IMD stated that “This [cyclone formation] is likely to intensify in a deep pressure during the next 12 hours and into a cyclonic storm [cyclone weakening] during the next 12 hours. It is likely to intensify. Initially, there is a possibility of moving towards North-North-East which is till this evening. It will then move northwest and reach the Gujarat coast by the morning of 18 May”. The confirmed reports say that the cyclone will intensify into a cyclonic storm and it will be terrific for some southern parts of the country.

The IMD issued the notice for some states in India that cyclonic storms will be going to happen on Sunday. The names of the states are Maharashtra, Kerala, and Gujarat. Apart from this, the heavy rain for Kerala reported by the IMD. The rain will be going from heavy to heavy for some major districts of Kerala. The government announced the Code Red Alert that clearly gives hint to all the people who live in the states. Now, it will be actually very horrific to see heavy rain in some states of the country. So, stay connected with us to know more information and updates related to the upcoming incidents.


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