Navratri the most auspicious days Devi Paksha is started from 17th October 2020. This Nine days festival of Navratri is specifically known for the worship of goddess mother Maa Durga. This time it will be celebrated between 7th to 15th October. As per Sanatan Dharma, it is tradition to wear 9 different colours on each day of this festival. This Nine days festival gives you the opportunity to wear several dresses as per the Navratri Color List. Let’ explore the Navratri Colours.

navratri colors list 2021

There you can find out, How you can follow the list of Navratri Nine colour tradition of Navratri 2020. Each and every colour has its own significance and its own meaning. Below I described them all.

List of Navratri Nine Colours 2021 (With Significance)

The Nine color of Navratri 2021  is important and devotees of Maa Durga follow the theme of nine different colours as per Nine days week. Especially women of Hindu religion follow this tradition for about these most special Nine Days.

Day 1 – 7th October 2021 – Grey

This is the first day of the Navratri Festival. Devotees install the Kalash in their home for nine days. People worship the Shailputra a form of Maa Durga. This Grey color of Navratri refers to the destruction of evil.

Day 2 – 8th October 2021 – Orange

It is the second day and people worship the unmarried form of Maa Durga, as Brahmcharini. Orange color refers the Tranquillity, brightness and knowledge.

Day 3 – 9th October 2021 – White

On the third-day people worship Maa Chandraghanta is worshipped. White color symbolizes the peace, serenity, calm and purity.

Day 4 – 10th October 2021 – Red

The fourth day, devotees worship Kushmanda form of Goddess Mother. Red color reflects the passion, auspiciousness as well as anger(which is required to uproot evil)

Day 5 – 11st October 2021 – Royal Blue

On this fifth of Navratri, people worship goddess Skanda, Mother of lord Kartikey. This Royal Blue color refers the divine energy which represents another form of Maa Durga.

Day 6 – 12nd October 2021 – Yellow

Devi Katyani has been worship on this sixth day. Yellow color symbolises Joy and Cheerfulness.

Day 7 – 13rd October 2021 – Green

Seventh-day is celebrated as the worship of Devi Kalratri. Green color of Navratri colors represents the various aspects of Mother Nature and its Nourishing quality.

Day 8 – 14th October 2021 – Peacock Green

On the Seventh day of Navratri, devotees worship Maha Gauri. This Peacock Green color refers to the desire and wishes that get fulfilled.

Day 9 – 15th October 2021 – Purple

This is the ninth day of this auspicious festival and we worship Siddhidhatri form of Maa Durga. The Purple color of Navratri symbolizes ambition, goal and energy.

17/10/2020 Pratipada Grey  You can wear anything as per your gender. in grey color
18/10/2020 Dwitya Orange  Orange is the most available colour and you can find lots of dresses of this colour.
19/10/2020 Tritiya White  Most common white colour bring huge choice of clothes.
20/10/2020 Chaturthi Red  As per your choice
21/10/2020 Panchimi Royal Blue  If you are a male then go for the Royal blue shirt and if you are a female go for the dress as per your choice.
22/10/2020 Sashti Yellow  As per your choice
23/10/2020 Saptami Green  As per the green colour dress code wear anything what you want.
24/10/2020 Ashtami Peacock green  As per your choice
25/10/2020 Navami Purple  As per your choice

This is the schedule of these Nine-day Navratri festivals 2020. devotees like to wear clothes as per the dressing code. Enjoy the Nine colors festive occasion of Navratri 2021. Spread the happiness in your surrounding and make remarkable moments with your loved once.  Create a match with Similar Navratri colour list and dresses as per the Navratri theme.


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