The French Star League is coming with another ultimate and outstanding match of two teams of this league. Both teams have played amazing gameplay in their previous matches and now, they are going to play another match tonight. After checking all the information, it can be seen that both teams have played 3 matches in this league and again, it will be their 4th match of this league.

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Yes, we are talking about team Limoges Handball (LIM) and team Istres (IST) who is going to face each other in the handball court. There is no more difference between their positions on the point table but today’s match will decide that who will take another position and who will go down because of their loss.

LIM vs IST Live Score

It is going to be more interesting as both teams will become a part of the next match by playing their 4th match. Fans are also searching for information of the match but you don’t need to worry because we are going to update you with all the latest and fresh information about the match and we will not feel you regret our prediction, time, venue, and much more information which is provided by the writer.

It is our responsibility to provide you with each and every update of the match carefully and now, you can check all the information below where we have shared much information.

LIM vs IST: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Limoges Handball (LIM) vs Istres (IST)
  • League:- French Star League
  • Venue:- Sports Palace of Beaublanc, Limoges, France
  • Date:- Friday, October 01, 2021
  • Time:- 11:30 PM IST

LIM vs IST: Team Squad

Limoges Handball (LIM):- Yassine Idrissi, Denis Serdarevic, Julian Emonet, Maximilien Tike, Dragan Gajic, Juan Andreu, Ignor Zabic, Ingars Dude, Igor Mandic, Martin Lindell, Romuald Kolle, Jeremy Suty, Romain Ternel, Yoav Lumbroso, Antoine Leger, and Micke Braddeleur.

Istres (IST):- Oussama Hosni, Andrea Parisini, Nicolas Boschi, Guillaume Crapain, Andrea Guillaume, Rasmus Nielsen, Louis Roche, Arnaud Tabarand, Juan Jose Fernandez Sanchez, Clement Gaudin, Messaoud Berkous, Edgar Dentz, Samuel Honrubia, Jakob Mikkelsen, and Henrik Olsson.

LIM vs IST: Lineups Player

Limoges Handball (LIM):- Denis Serdarevic, Maximilien Tike, Dragan Gajic, Martin Lindell, Ingars Dude, Romain Ternel, and Micke Braddeleur.

Istres (IST):- Oussama Hosni, Nicolas Boschi, Arnaud Tabarand, Messaiud Berkous, Jakob Mikkelsen, Clement Gaudin, and Henrik Olsson.

LIM vs IST: Match Prediction

The match is about to start in a few hours and fans are going more exicted to watch this match and wants to know that which team has more chances to win this match. Well, we are going to share the prediction of the match and you can also analyze the prediction by viewing the result and gameplay of their previous matches. Both teams have played well but tonight, the chances of Limpoges has more to win this match against Istres team.


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