WATCH: Lil Tjay Death Shooting Video Rapper shot dead in Edgewater, N.J: According to the news reports, a famous rapper from New York named Lil Tjay was shot to death recently. We are stunned after knowing about the murder of New York rapper Lil Tjay. As per the source, the rapper was shot to death at a shopping mall located in Edgewater. When was he shot dead? Reports claimed that Lil Tjay was killed on Wednesday at midnight at a shopping mall in Edgewater. Follow More Updates On

Lil Tjay death video

Lil Tjay Death Shooting Video

Since this news surfaced internet has been stirred up and people are curious to learn if the police officers have arrested any prime suspect in the murder case of Lil Tjay or not? Nevertheless, we have got some reliable information related to Lil Tjay’s murderer’s arrest news. You have to scroll or drag down the page to take a peek below. But what could be the reason for Lil Tjay’s murder? Let’s figure this out.

Who was Lil Tjay?

As per the source, Lil Tjay became a victim of a robbery attempt at the  City Place at the Promenade and unfortunately, the robber shot him dead. However, the rapper Lil Tjay was not alone when he was shot, as two of his friends also got shot but they are out of danger but we have lost Lil Tjay. The office of the Bergen County Prosecutor said that an attempted robbery against Lil Tjay and his two pals turned into murder. What about Lil Tjay’s friends and suspects? Learn about the suspect and other victims of the shooting incident that happened at a shopping complex in Edgewater.

How did Lil Tjay die?

Shortly after the murder of Lil Tjay, the officer of the police department made an arrest in the attempted murder, robbery case, and other felony charges. The arrested suspect is identified as Mohamed Konate who is said to be 27 years old young man. The suspect is from New York City and he is currently in the custody of the police. Scroll down the page for more information.

Lil Tjay Death Cause

Lil Tjay was also known as Tione Merritt but he was best known by his stage name Lil Tjay. Lil Tjay’s friends are identified as Antoine Boyd and Jeffrey Valdez. Antoine Boyd is 22 years old while Jefferey is 24 years old. Police also stated that one victim of the shooting incident was rushed to a hospital as he was in critical condition but now he is out of danger while the second one sustained only minor injuries.


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