Lifestyle, Not Genetics Cause Premature Heart Diseases: Must Read

Not genetics, your lifestyle can cause heart diseases.

Heart disease
Image source: Medical News Today

Today’s lifestyle is very Unhealthy for the younger Generation. Nowadays, it a trend to be a smoker and an alcoholic, which can cause heart diseases. Heart disease is a massive cause for Death. An unhealthy lifestyle will take you a step closer to death. Research of ‘ESC Congress 2019’  which was presented on Monday, reveals that a healthy lifestyle will keep you safe and reduce the risks of cardio diseases.

Causes of Heart Disease:

Genetics plays a vital role in heart disease, but physical inactivity brings you closer to It. Physical inactivity, smoking, drinking, high cholesterol, high diabetes can also create a massive issue to your health.

According to Dr. Joao A Sousa of Funchal Hospital, “Genetics is an important contributor to premature heart diseases but should not be used as an excuse to say it is inevitable.”

He also said, “In our clinical practice, we often hear young patients with premature heart disease ‘seek shelter’ and explanations in their genetics/family history.”

Genetics is not all about heart disease; your health can be affected by your daily lifestyle. Recently, the study enrolled 1,075 patients under 50, of whom 555 had coronary artery disease (known as premature CAD). In the study, it is said that 87% were the men, and the average age was 47.

Dr. Joao A Sousa also added his statement: “The findings demonstrate that genetics contribute to CAD. However, in patients with two or more modifiable cardiovascular risk factors, genetics play a less decisive role in the development of CAD.”

Five Factors marked- physical Inactivity, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high diabetes. Nearly 73% of the patients have three factors as the cause as compared to the rest of the 31%.

It is concluded that quit smoking and exercise daily to improve your health. Maintain a healthy diet and add fruits and green vegetables to it. Get your blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes checked regularly.


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