Lee County Deputy Arrested on battery-domestic violence charges: It is going to be an exciting piece of news that is not really a positive one. A high-ranked officer at Lee County was taken into arrest for the charge of battery and domestic violence. Recently, there has been a rise in county-related news. The officer that was arrested was of the rank of deputy. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Lee County Deputy Arrested

Lee County Deputy Arrested

The report came from the office of the Lee County Sheriff very late night on Friday and the next morning, that is, Saturday, the deputies of the County responded to a call made to the home of Deputy Christopher Doughty on the suspected case of domestic abuse.

It was confirmed by the Sheriff County, Carmine Marceno that on the day of Saturday noon, there was a press conference it said that Christopher was arrested for battery and domestic violence and on the same morning he was discharged of his duties as well.

Christopher was working as a school resource officer at Palm Acres Charter High School. He has been a deputy ever since 2007 and was working at LCSO. There are no details that have been released for the time being. So, we can not say any further on the issue with absolute certainty.

The County Sheriff’s Office has started the investigation on the matter at hand. Deputy Christopher remains suspended for the time being and it doesn’t look like he will be welcomed back by the Sherrif’s office anymore.

The issue is concerning because the complaint was lodged against a person who was working in the County Sheriff’s office and had to be tasked with stopping incidents like this. How can we expect someone to protect us in those desperate times when the ones who are supposed to protect us are indulging in such activities themselves.

It must have been really shocking to the neighbors as well as they might have looked up to him and would have thought of him as a responsible officer.

Only further investigation will unveil the details of what transpired that day and nothing can be said for certain yet. Let’s hope that the investigation will be clean and thorough and the truth will come out soon. We will know what really happened that day and what exactly was going on in his house. Until then, stay tuned for more updates on the case.


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