Laurie Tagaloa: L.T Stabbing in Neck Video Leaked on Twitter, Reddit: Who is Laurie Tagaloa? How to watch LT Stabbing in Neck Video? There are various similar queries that are being asked on the internet by the netizens for the last few days. Are you also looking for a detailed article? If yes, this article will assist you in this. Laurie Tagaloa Video is the name of the victim who was stabbed in the neck during a brawl at a metro station. We have seen the viral stabbing video on Twitter, we advise you to stay away from the video as it contains sensitive content and disturbing visuals. The ongoing viral video of Laurie Tagaloa is not appropriate. You can also fetch and get every bit of information related to this video by just reading this column and we have also discussed some other additional information linked with Laurie Tagaloa’s stabbing incident. Kindly drag down the page for more details. Follow More Updates On

Laurie Michael Tagaloa

Who is Laurie Tagaloa?

As per the source, the man who was stabbed in the neck in the video was identified as Laurie Tagaloa who died following the injury sustained in a brawl that happened on July 11, 2022, Monday. However, he was also rushed to a hospital in Brisbane but all went in vain as he was pronounced dead. According to the viral video, three men attacked Laurie Tagaloa during the brawl and suddenly a man stabbed his neck due to which Laurie Tagaloa collapsed to the surface of the Valley metro station and fell into a pool.

Laurie Tagaloa: L.T Stabbing in Neck Video

The leaked video also shows Laurie Tagaloa bleeding after the brawl. Meanwhile, the police responded to the scene shortly after the incident but they could not make him survive. But they have arrested a man, 20 years aged, for allegedly killing Laurie Tagaloa by stabbing him in the neck. At this time, the name or identity of the arrested man is not available. When did this incident happen and where did it happen? Let’s find out this in the further section.

L.T Stabbing in Neck Video

As mentioned, Laurie Tagaloa was killed on Monday, July 11, 2022. This tragedy happened at Valley metro station in the early hours of Monday morning. According to the Brisbane police department, two groups were involved in a brawl and Laurie Tagaloa was one of the two groups members. Sadly the 24 years old young man is no more as he was stabbed to death by a 20 years old man. Find Laurie Tagaloa stabbing video on Twitter that goes with his name.


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