Get ready to watch the sensational dating reality show, Wild Villa. The reality show has recently completed its 18 episodes and is ready to introduce another fascinating 19th episode. The show getting much attention from the beginning of the show as the reason behind it is directly interconnected with MTV Splitsvilla X3. Every time, whenever something interesting happened in the show.

wild villa 24th july 2021

New Wildcard Entry in Splitsvilla 13/X3?

it becomes controversial and the excitement level among the audience touches the peak. Along with it, whenever the host of the show announces the elimination, the dedication among the audience to do their best came to light and everyone just trying to give their best.

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If we talk about the last episode of the reality show then it already increased a very huge sensation among social media. The contestant who performs in Wild Villa very well and impresses many audiences with their performance will get a direct wild card entry in MTV Splitsvilla X3.

Also, the contestants who will not be able to perform well in the task have to leave the show. It will be actually very enthralling to watch the upcoming episode of Wild Villa as millions of people are eager to know what will happen in it.

Wild Villa 24th July 2021 Hd Video

The previous episode of Wild Villa shows where Nikhil will ask Chinapa Agriya, Arjun, and Samridhi who are the contestants Piyush and Azma, whom they want to eliminate straight away. All the contestants have to take the decision with their consent as well. Hearing this, they are pressured to take a consentient decision as they have a golden opportunity to reduce their competition, which they will take advantage of.

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The upcoming episode will be also going on very well and entertaining everyone a lot. The task that will be going to happen in the show is also highly anticipated and mesmerizing.

A very interesting task that happened in the last episode in which Agriya- Arjun, Piyush- Smruddhi, Azma-Janvi, and Devashish- Riya shows some Yogasan to win the task. All the contestants show their superb and fantastic performances but the winners of the task are Agriya, Arjun, and Samruddhi. On the other hand,

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The crispy twist also happened in the previous episode that the direct wild card entry to MTV Splitsvilla X3 was won by Piyush and Samriddhi. So, Wild Villa will be going to introduce a very fantastic episode this weekend as well and millions of people are keen to watch the anticipated reality show.


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