In this article we are going to tell you about the Hindi drama serial story the name of the serial is “Kundli Bhagya”. In today’s shows, the episodes begin with Karan is in his room and remember the fast in which they take the promise to protect Preeta always and stay together and he thinking when he has thrown out from his own and he is not capable to do something, Preeta is still sitting outside the home and she thought that how is he and he and he is not staying with Karan. She remembers all the memorable day with him. Karan gets angry and he destroys all the decoration of the room with the bat and completely trashes the room.

Kundali Bhagya 28th August

Preeta still crying to think him and he has nothing for his future and she can’t stop crying. Karan calls Preeta in a very high tone then she listens to the voice then she starts walking but then stops to think that it should be not done. Maira is in her room and she is crying to think that what is done with her. Sharline comes in the room and stops him to says that whatever she did it is all wrong and now do not do any mess again. Maira said there is only one reason that she was not capable to marry the Karan but she gets married because of Sherline.

She tries to throughout the Sherline from the room, Sharline hold his hand and says that she did marry when the whole family wants this marriage, although she is still daughter in law of this house and that is the reason that Maira will not able to become is that she is overconfidence and also lost the fight with the Preeta and she has married Karan, Sharline said don’t be angry with her and take it out on Preeta because she is the end of the point of her life.

It breaks down, Sherline also observes Maira when she devises. Shrishti tries to get the auto but no one-stop the auto and when she searching someone then Sherline come there and throw the key, Shrishti and driver know that and when she is capable for the Sherline, Then she gives the threats after that he goes from there and Shrishti go inside the room. Shrishti and Sherline start the argument on a topic. For more written updating episodes stay tuned with us and stay safe!


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