Here we are sharing shocking news with you that, an LAPD cop fatally shot a 14-years-old girl. This is very shocking news to the public. This unfortunate incident’s getting viral on social media. We know people want the answer to the news, which spread at high speed on the web. This is a very serious matter, Veteran cop, who served as a community advocate during the BLM riots, is a repetitive person, then how this incident happened.

LAPD Cop Fatally Shot 14 Years-old-girl

Here we will give you all the deatils in this article. Here we will tell you all the details regarding this news. We tell the actual situation, what was happened. you are on the right page for knowing the details of this news, we will try to all the information in this blog. Let’s start the article.

LAPD Cop Fatally Shot 14 Years-old-girl

A cop shot a teenage girl by mistake, and she died at a Burlington store in Hollywood while trying to take down a guess that has been disclosed to be a veteran black officer and advocate for the BLM movement in the force. Lets us tell you William Dorsey Jones jr is 42 years old man.

He has worked in the LAPD for more than 10 years, the girl hid inside a dressing room with her mother on 23 December, this news has confirmed his Lawyer. According to the status, On social media and his website, The support has been seen by Jones for the black lives matter movement, and pawn to be an advocate for change in the police department.

According to the report, Orellana-Peralta, who was struck by a bullet through a drywall wall, and Daniel Elena-Lopez is the main suspect. who reportedly attacked customers with a bike lock, Police have been killed them. after a 911 call mistakenly reported Elena-Lopez was armed.

Now Jones reportedly opened the Officers for Change’ at-risk youth advantage, and showcased is a since-removed website his community engagement. Jones, Now on administrative leave, is absolutely devastated due to Orellana- Peralta’s death. He is a good person he some photos shared by him, Delivering gifts to children, and coaching football to high school teams.

This news is very shocking for the public. We know William was devastated due to the death of Orellana-Peralta death. But as we told you this is an accidental case, This shoot was not intentional. We have shared all the things which we have. Stay connected for more updates


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