Who Is Lance Storz, Accused Allen Shooter? Age, Photos, and, more!: You must have heard of the shooting that had been talked about in the media recently. There was a loss of three officers from the law enforcement and a police K9 dog was shot dead as well in the shooting. Five other officers were also gravely wounded in the shooting incident. There was a man named Lance Storz who is a 49-year-old man who has allegedly been involved in the shooting incident that led to the death of those officers and the K9. An emergency management director was also wounded. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Lance Storz

Who Is Lance Storz?

The officers that were lost in the shooting were later on identified as Captain Ralph Frasure who belonged to the Department of the Prestonburg Police and Will Petry who was the deputy of the Floyd County Sheriff’s office. Officer Jacob Chaffins was also lost along with the police K9 called Drago who was a really amazing dog as described by the department.

John Hunt, Floyd County Sheriff said in an interview that many officers were taken down and they were rushed to the hospitals. There were multiple victims from many different agencies. Multiple media outlets had reported the shooting incident and it was a hot topic for that night.

Sheriff John had stated in an interview that the shooting was well planned and that it was a living hell for the officers who were present at the scene. They had no chance, as the Sheriff mentioned. They were trying to serve an emergency protection order in a situation that was domestic and when the officers arrived Storz had opened fire.

“When the deputies put out the call for help, the responding agencies, I guess, just entered the line of fire without even knowing where it was coming from. We were there for hours before we even knew where it was coming from,” as mentioned by the Sheriff.

The suspect had barricaded himself and had open fired. The condition of the officers is not yet clear and there are no official statements as well. The suspect’s full name is Lance Preston Storz. There are records online that show the ties of the suspect with Oregon. He has a criminal case in Volusia County as well, where he had shot down a migrating bird with a shotgun. There was also a complaint against him for the emergency order of child protection.

There are records of him going bankrupt in 2015 and 2008 and there was a recent liability of more than $400k. He was also keeping a rifle stored up illegally and was using various types of weapons in the attack.

There was an officer who had hidden under the car in order to avoid being shot and staying there for a long period had caused his body to inhale carbon monoxide which is a really poisonous gas.

Lance was also accused of r@ping his own wife. He had kept his wife and child under his control and didn’t let them escape when she told him that she had found an apartment. They were placed in a safe house.


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