Lalo Mora is a Mexican well know singer and having numerous fans around the world. But as per the recent news he is getting viral on the internet because as per the claim he harassed his follower by placing his hand in the t-shirt. The video is getting viral where he is performing live in front of many fans.

Lalo Mora Video Leaked

The performance takes place in California, USA. During the live show, his follower asks him for a photograph. So during the moment, he did this shameful action. Here is the complete information that you should know.

Lalo Mora Leaked Video

Before the singer has taken two photographs with another follower. But with this girl, he did the incident and placed his hand in her Coat and contact her breast without her consent. After the incident, the girl showed rejection and anger and immediately walked away from the place.

But the scene was captured on cameras. Just moments later this video went viral over the internet and social media platforms also. The video is shared by many people on social media.

As you all know Lalo Mora is known for his big fan following so currently he is getting criticize by many people for this shameful incident and the netizen starts trolling him. While here we get a post from the activist in which the activist wrote “The reason we came forward was to complain to Lalo Mora.

Lalo Mora Video Goes Viral On Twitter

You see that he is an artist. He came a girl, took a picture of her with her and put his hand on her chest. The girl’s angry face can be seen in the video. It is not the first time that he has done this. She is a potential abuser, this is her message for Mexicans, ”he mentioned.

He is a well-reputed singer but after this incident, he is getting criticized around the world. if you want to watch the Lalo Mora viral video then you can watch it on social media where the video is available to watch freely. For further related information stay get connected with us. To get all the updates on time don’t forget to bookmark the website. Stay tuned.


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