Several leaked videos are going viral on social media which is increasing the crime rate on the Internet. Many kinds of videos have been going viral and many people want to know about this video. Well, among these rumors, there is another video that is capturing the attention of the people but, this is not an inappropriate video or any kind of leaked video which has gone viral on social media.

Lahore Brave Servant Video Viral

This is a video of someone’s bravery and watchers are appreciating a man in the video who gained massive popularity after a video of his unexpected bravery went viral on social media.

Lahore Brave Servant Video Viral

The video of the man is going viral on social media with the name “Lahore Brave Servant”. According to the viral video, a man can be seen washing utensils nearby the house entry’s door and hears the voice of someone knocking at the door.

He comes to the door and finds two people outside covering their faces with handkerchiefs and try to come inside the house forcefully. The man who is a servant of the house tried to stop themselves at the door and because of his bravery, he got success to stop them to come inside the house. As per the sources, they both were the offenders who had planned to rob the house.


Since the video went viral on social media, watchers have been appreciating the bravery of the servant who succeed to scare away to offenders. Because of his bravery, he was also appreciated by his owner. The whole incident was recorded in the camera situated nearby the main door. The servant has been identified as Munawar Hussian who has been working as a servant in the house for a long time.

Along with this, it was also seen in the video that the offenders had guns in their hands that could harm Munasar as well but his bravery proved himself that he is a dare-devil. Later, the owner of the house called the police and told them every detail including the video proof. The case has been filed against the offenders and police are trying to track those criminals.

Later, the video was shared on social media and the whole incident received big attention of the people. Many people appreciated him because of his bravery and wants to know more about Munasar Hussain but still, we don’t have much information about him.


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