Ladies Special is one of the favourite serials amongst Indian Women. The TV serial Ladies Special is one of the topmost TRP rating serial on Sony Entertainment Channel. The serial is related to the daily problems of the women’s life who lives in Mumbai. The serial Ladies Special is all about three women who met in a local train.

Ladies Special 7th January 2019, written episode update begins with Prarthana walks to Swanath’s house. Swanath gets happy seeing her and said he knows she would accept his proposal soon. Prarthana gives him 1-month advance rent and said is vacating his house and shifting to some other house. At Meghna’s house, Mandar confronts her why did she makes such a big drama, he had to lose the job because of it. She gets very sad.

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She said his respect is much more important than his job, she has decided to open their own garment factory, that is Swapna Garments. Mandar asks if she is out if her mind, nobody did business in his 7  generations. She said that it is not necessary and important their children also should suffer like them, so it is final, they will open Swapna Garments. She starts to count her money that they were saved. Her neighbour Renu enter the room and asks to return her 3000 I gave you the loan. Mandar returns 3000Rs. Renu gives 23000Rs. saying they are business partners now and will share either it is profit or loss.

Meghna said but and after saying this she stops. Renu said that she has fully trusted on Mandar’s honesty and Meghna’s passion. She is an honest lady. Meghna happily hugs her and gave a beautiful smile. Bindu takes her father to her husband Amar’s hospital and opens his cabin, sees him busy with a patient, apologizes and waits outside.

Upcoming of Ladies Special 8th January 2019, written episode update: Prarthana meets a boy in the local train. Bindu tells Amar it is so difficult to forget 8 years old love and easy to forget that 8-day old friendship. Amar feels guilty. Meghna’s FIL collapses during Pooja.


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