Ladies special is one of the best serial. Ladies Special TV serial gets success in a very short time period. The serial has so many viewers who follow the daily update. This is the second season of the show. The second season is premiered on 27 November 2018, with the new story and a cast. The story is all the women in Mumbai who faced so many channels in big cities and how they sometimes find hope, encouragement and championship in the most unlikely places. In this case, the protagonists are four women- Shubha Joshi, Nanda Shinde, Bubbly Chaddha and Pooja Singh who travels to work and back by the ladies special rain. This is all about season 1. In season 2 there 3 passengers who meet in a Mumbai Ladies Special train and becomes friends.

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Ladies Special 4th January 2019, written episode update begins with Amar returns home subsequent to performing heart transplant medical procedure. Bindu serves him and Mota papa, mamma, and asks how was a medical procedure. Amar said that it went everything well. Bindu thanks to god. Mota papa inquires as to whether she will go to her companies’ gathering alone. she said yes as usual. Mota papa begins an enthusiastic show that Bindu deal with everybody by doing without her satisfaction, even she is its joy and support.

Amar reveals to Bindu he will go with her and can do at any rate that for her. Bindu concurs and said to her that she companion would be extremely glad. He requests that what wear. She said anything he prefers as his coalmines judge individuals by their inclination and not by cash. He said that he will meet some energetic individuals at that point. They made. Mota papa gets some information about them and appreciates party. Bindu illuminates Amar that Kangana had called her.


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