The episode starts with Ranbir and Amrit. He says that he will go to the school to return her diary. Uday is upset of thinking why Brij clapped at that time Vashma snd Bhanu comes to cheer him up. She says that not to worry about Brij as Amrit has already taken him food and she will convenience him. Amrit asks Brij to have food but he denies it. She says that he has also fed her food when she was upset. She feeds him with her hands which makes Brij happy. Bhanu sees this and smiles. Brij offers food to Amrit also.  Uday takes food from Vashma and says that I have done a lot of work so I need to eat more food.Kyun Dil Utte Chod Aaye Sony Show Check Premiere Date 1st Episode Timings Cast Name Story Line

Then Bua comes to Brij and again tries to manipulate him She asks him to have milk and sleep but Brij throws the glass from her hands. Amrit Irons Bahnu’s clothes and says that she has to go to pick a book from the market and already paid for it. Bua has some doubt about Amrit, she says that Kiran will also go with her to buy woolen as she will make woolen gloves. Amrit thinks that who would she meet the cart driver now. Kiran asks Amrit where she will buy that book. Amrit asks Kiran to take a picture posing like Noor Jahan.

She says that she will purchase woolen and won’t tell anything to Bua. Kiran agrees to it and goes to take pictures.  Amrit wears her Burqa and goes inside the school. Randhir takes an old lady on his cart and says that he has to go to the school. The old lady says this is Sunday as no school will be open. Amrit runs on the road and Randhir tries to stop the cart then diary falls on the ground. They both see each other. Randhir picks the diary and goes to drop that old lady. Brij comes to meet Uday’s coach and throws his snacks.

He scolds Uday’s coach that his son will not play hockey. Uday apologizes to his coach. Coach feels bad for Uday and says that he is shocked by his father’s thinking. Uday says to Brij that I am ashamed that you are my father. Brij scolds him and asks him to apologize. Uday refused to do that. Bua is happy to see all this. Brij says each of the family members supports Uday. I was having m wife who expired when she gave birth to Uday. He says that I will leave the house because everyone thinks that I am wrong.

Uday is upset and he throws away his hockey stick. Vashma gets hockey and asks him why are you doing this. He says what should I do then. Vashma encourages him that you cannot accept your defeat before fighting. Uday says that you wanted to learn Kathak, have you ever fought for your dream? Vashma goes to her room and angrily dances. Abrar asks Uday to stop her as she is dancing for a long time. He stops the music, but Vashma plays it and starts dancing.

Abrar breaks the music recorder but Vashma continues dancing without music. He slaps her to stop. Iqbal comes and scolds Abrar to slap Vashma. Vashma says this is an art and I will do it again. Abrar warns her to be within her limits. Iqbal supports her and asks her to do what makes her happy. Uday comes to her room and says that she dances beautifully. She takes a promise from Uday that he will play hockey and will fulfill his dream. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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