The episode starts with Vashma try to save Amrit and says that I have given these bracelets to my friends. She also gets that diary. She feels grateful to Amrit and then leaves. Does Bua think that how could that possible that no one caught? Lala says that I made a call to your friend but she didn’t speak anything. Vashma says that she hesitates and doesn’t talk to strangers. vashma says Randhir to drop her friend and got relieved. Amrit calls Randhir and asks if he has read that diary. Randhir says it’s not good to read someone’s personal diary.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye Written Update

Amrit feels disappointed and decides to burn the diary. Vashma consoles her and says that these are your dreams that you have written in this diary. So don’t burn your dreams. Amrit says that Bau Ji trusts her and love her so much. She cannot betray him. Vashma asks her about the cart driver. Amrit says that he is a very strange person. I was listening to him like a radio. Lala is talking about Randhir that they should think about Randhir and their daughter’s marriage.

Rajrani agrees with him. Uday overhears their conversation and tells this news to Amrit and Vashma. Amrit feels happy that they have sent a marriage proposal for her. Uday says that Randhir Raizada will come to meet Amrit. Vashma says that we shouldn’t talk to anyone about it. Bua also thinking about Randhir that he is a rich guy and handsome too. Amrit is happy and wants to meet Randhir once before marriage. Lala requests Rajrani that they want Randhir to stay here for some time so he can know about our daughter.

He says that we don’t want anyone to know about it before Randhir agrees to this. Brij is roaming in the market and he sees a road show where a girl jumping through the fire rings. In the morning Bua sees that Rajrani is cleaning the house, she asks is anyone about to come. Then Rajrani says that Amrit has gone to the temple and Randhir will also come there. Vashma and Uday are in the library and she asks him to talk to Noora. Pandit confirms to Amrit that Randhir has gone to the library.

Brij takes a girl home and says that she is his wife now as they got married. Lala got shocked and someone gives this news to Uday also. He says that she is a banjaran who performed roadshows and now she is my wife. Rajrani asks Radha if Brij has married her forcefully. She says that Brij has helped her. She says that her uncle used to say that no one will marry her. Bua tries to manipulate Uday and says that now neighbors will taunt you because your father has married a girl who is younger than his son. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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