The episode starts with  A girl says that this their last Vasant Panchami as Lahore’s division. Lala is happy to meet his friend Iqbal Baig. Amrit daydreams about a guy are dancing on dhol. Vashma comes and teases her for doing this. Lala calls Amrit. Lala asks her to never ruin their respect. Amrit then tastes the rice and sweet dish. Lala giver her bangles as a gift. Her aunt comes and asks Lala will he give everything to Amrit. Lala says Amrit is as precious as diamonds.

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye
Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye

Lala says that no one can divide us as we want freedom not separation. He says that we celebrate both  Diwali and Eid and now we will celebrate freedom together. Baig ensures him to celebrates the next Vasant Panchami together. Then Vashma sees the horoscope in the newspaper and shows it to merit. Vashma tells Uday about Amrot’s daydreaming. Uday also makes fun of her. Amrit and Vashma seek help from Uday to go outside the house.

Uday asks them where do they want to go but they don’t tell him. They both wear Burqas and leave the house. They go to the post office to post Amrit’s letter. Amrit reads a quote under the statute that after freedom would girls be allowed to dance on dhol? Vashma asks her to come fast and Amrit’s letter falls down. Bua Ji asks for Amrit and Vashma which scares Uday. She gets a thread to fly kites and tries to calls everyone.

Uday’s father sees him with a hockey stick and breaks that. He warns him not to touch hockey again otherwise he will break his bones with that. Amrit notices that the statue winked at her. She tells Vashma that this is a human not a statue. They come to know that this is Randhir who became a statue to convey a message. Bua Ji creates a drama in the house and says that Amrit and Vashma are not in their room.

He accused Lala that Amrit will misuse his love towards her. She is 16 and he has to control her. Amrit and Vashma return home. Lala asks Amrit to swear on him that she is not in love with anyone. Amrit refused that there is nothing like that. He asks her where she has gone without telling him. She shows a bowl and gives it to Lala. Vasha says that Kiran has broken the bowl but Amrit didn’t tell anyone. Kiran accepts that she broke by mistake.

A man comes to Lala with his daughter and says that he wants her daughter to get married but she refused as she is inspired by some article. He shows him the article by Ranjan. Amrit reads the letter which says that you write about love which inspires many. You should reveal your identity. Amrit says that she will tell her father that she writes stories and publish them as Ranjan. She says that my father will feel proud when she will reveal her identity. Stay connected to know more about this episode.


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