What Happened To Kyle Osborne? Accident Details Explained: Kyle Osborne survives a deadly accident as a complex surgery was performed on the 19-year-old student.  The management team of Cerna Homecare has performed yet another complicated case that would have been a heart-throbbing one. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

What Happened To Kyle Osborne?

Kyle Osborne

Kyle Osborne is a resident of southern California and is a student at Washington State University. He was 19 years old when he was hit by a car and then run over as well in 2019. It happened when Kyle was at his home due to a break for Thanksgiving. Everyone who knew him warranted that he was very supportive, loving, and very kind. It just shows that he was really good person who was loved by everyone.

When he was hit and run over, his skull was crushed which caused a hemorrhage in his brain and also internal and external bleeding. An emergency brain surgery was performed as soon as he was received by the doctors.

He had gone through two major surgeries since then which involved the removal of a portion of his skull. He had been in a coma ever since the accident happened.

Kyle Osborne Accident

The care management program of Cerna Homecare assisted Kyle and his family. Their priority was to get him the therapy that he needed to achieve a better life. The president of the Cerna Homecare had acted as the emotional support for the family as well as the patient and medical advocate while leading the case of the patient.

The organization also worked to raise funds through its non-profit system, The Cerna Foundation. His friends had also run gofundme campaign to raise funds and also a meal train campaign so that Kyle’s family can have proper meals while they are focussed on his recovery of Kyle.

Who Is Kyle Osborne?

Kyle’s head was completely run over by a car and it was nothing short of a miracle that made him survive the ordeal. There has been an investigation going into the person who hit and run him over. The authorities have ensured that they will be doing a thorough investigation to find the culprit.

Kyle is still in a serious state but there is no mortal danger lingering upon him. The family, though, is still very nervous as the young boy has a long life ahead of him and this tragedy that had befallen him is going to affect his life and career as well.


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