As you know that the popular drama show ‘ Kya haal Mr. Paanchal’ is a comedy show and entertains us very much.

12th June written Episode of Kya haal Mr. Paanchal

As we know that Kanhaiya is sad as his shop will be permanently closed if he would not be able to give 10 lakh rupees. He was so upset and does not want to tell his mother Kunti as he does not want to see her sad. He told all this matter to his 5 wives that he must need 10 lakh rupees to keep his shop open. But Kunti Devi and kanhaiya’ s sister ( Kusum) listen to all this, as they were listening to it secretly.

Kya haal Mr. Paanchal, written updates

Kanhaiya starts to make the plan that he will sell his bike to get money and all 5 wives also give him suggestions that they will also help him by contributing their part. Kunti gets very upset and tensed when she listens to it. Kanhaiya also tells them a real story of his neighbour shopkeeper whose shop has permanently closed. This incident has created a great impact on him and he has lost his senses and live life as pigeon by making sounds like  ‘gutar goo….  gutar gooo…’

Kanhaiya says that he do not want to be a  ‘kabootar’.
On listening it Kunti Devi goes to temple to pray to her Bholenath regarding thiproblem. .
When she was in the temple suddenly Pratap enters the home shouting ‘ Bachao… Bachaao…’ a person was after him who was creating sounds like pigeon .Then he told that this is the person who has still not recovered from his great problem.when he goes out kunti starts dreaming that Kanhaiya’s shop has closed and he is also behaving like ‘ kabootar’.

She again goes to temple and says to Bhole to save his Kanhaiya, she leaves and goes to her room and thinks that she will sell her ‘pushtani haar’ as it will be of Rs.2-3 lakh . suddenly kanhaiya enters the room to take ‘aashirvaad ‘from his mother as he was going to shop and kunti Devi hides the haar from him.

At last scene the phone rings and Prarthna picksup the call ,it was the call from an advocate who tells her that he has two news for them from which one is good and one is bad.

He tells that Kaniya’s Shalini buaa had died – this is the bad news and she has handed a sampatti of Rs 2 crore for kanaiya – this is the good news . In excitement, she hangs up the phone and goes to Prema to tell her about it .

But there are some bets for this task which she has not listened . Then advocate planned to go to their home to tell them about it.
Now see what will happen whether kanaiya will overcome this problem or will be victim of it?


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