Today’s episode of Kya haal mr. paanchal starts with Kusum saying to Kunti that Kanaiya will try to reunite all his wives. But Kunti says nothing will be like it, kanaiya will do whatever she wants and he will only listen to me. They get confused and Pratap asks that why. Then she clears them that it is the ritual of this family that all men use to listen to their mothers. Even kanhaiya’s father did the same so kanaiya must do this.

Kanaiya comes to Kunti and show her a saree and asks how it is. She says that it is too beautiful and will be too beautiful with matching jewelry. Kanaiya gets sad and says it is good for nothing and adds that all wives are fighting with each other and now i am confused that to whom i should listen. She says to him that you should listen to me. She tells him her dream that they all are going on a trip and their bus falls in the water. Then she asks to whom he will save? Pratap in-joke says that you should save your wives not to maiya.

Kanaiya says that he will follow his mother definitely and Kunti with pride says that kanaiya will definitely follow his father and ancestors so he will always listen to his mother. Kanaiya again asks that how this saree is? She says that she will see in the morning when all will be in the same saree and ask me for the saree. But Kanaiya says that he has brought 2 sarees for two while three other for another bahu as they liked it. Kunti stands with shock and amaze. Kanaiya leaves and Kusum and Pratap vex her that Kanaiya is with his wives but not with her. Kanaiya again comes and says he has something for Kunti too. He gives her ambrosia and says that she was saying that she has matching jewelry so please give it to his wives to add charm in their beauty.

Sarla comes to kunti and tells her about her bahu and son that, they are handling house according to their wish and no one listens to me. She says that earlier she was the queen of the house but now they are the owner. She then taunts on Kunti that her condition is more worse than her as she has 5 bahus.  Kunti says in proud that her bahus always follows her. She calls Panjiri and asks her that what is she preparing and she asks from Kunti. Kunti tells her to make masoor daal and she takes the name of five tadkas and asks that which she wants.

Kunti asks her to make all the tadkas and she goes for cooking. Then Prarthana comes and prays for her after that Prema comes with saree. Pari comes and asks for something they need. Sarla asks for water and she brings water in a glass and tray and says that glass is for Kunti while the tray is for sarla.  She gets too angry and Kunti asks her to go. Kanaiya was in the shop and all bahus go with food for him. Pari takes empty and says that maaji told her to take tiffin. And all bursts in the fight. Kanaiya gets tensed and comes back home. Kunti asks him if he is fine. He says there is a headache in his head and Kunti asks bahus to take water with salt and all comes with the bucket of water. All again starts fighting and Kunti and Kanaiya see them in shock.


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