Today’s episode of Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal starts with: –

Kunti saying to Pratap that they have to set a fight between Pari and Panjiri but why he is wasting time in citing newspaper clips. And their plan starts. Pratap asks her to call Pari and she calls her. Suddenly Pari comes from behind the bed and holds kunti from her neck. Anyhow she saves herself from her madness. At the moment her phone rings and she asks that whose phone is this and Pari says that it is her phone, she asks that my meaning was whose call is coming and then she came to know that it was call from Sarla and she asks Pari to cut the phone. Pari takes scissors and tries to cut the phone and then Pratap takes the phone from her and hangs up. Pratap asks her that really she want to make them fighting and she says yes.

There Kusum was gone to the kitchen to bring Panjiri so that their plan could be started and gets busy in eating halwa. She says that halwa is too delicious and she wants to eat all. Kunti calls her and then she recalls and says to Panjiri that Kunti had called her with flour as she wants to check if it is all right. When she comes Kusum gives her a jerk and flour gets over on Pari. They get happy that there will be  fight between them. But Pari says that she should also put honey and lemon. So that her skin could glow. Panjiri asks her that she will bring it and Kunti tries to provoke Pari but she always goes mad. Pratap gets irritated and again asks Kunti that does she really want to make them fight and Kunti says yes.

Kunti asks Panjiri to bring water and she comes with a full jug of water and pour on Pari. Pari says that she is now annoyed with Panjiri for what she had done. Panjiri gets afraid and asks for sorry. Kunti, kusum and Pratap get happy as they think that their plan has passed. But Pari says that she is annoyed because she didn’t give her time to click a selfie. So if she again will put flour on her only then she will forgive her and Panjiri again puts flour on her.

There Prema enters in Kanaiya’s shop and suddenly Pratibha also comes. When they saw each other they starts squabbling. Prema asks Kanaiya that where ever she goes some people follows her. Pratibha then asks him that if his shop’s name is Paanchal Saree Centre or Prema Saree Centre. Kanaiya asks them to stop and then asks for their visit to shop. They together say that they are there to buy saree as they want to go on marriage with him. When Kanaiya shows them saree they again fights and saree get torn.


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