As we know in tomorrow’s episode Pratibha and Kanaiya were treating each other with grapes to show lawyer that they have a happy married life so that he could give them Rs 2 crore cheque.

And Today’s episode of Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal starts with:-
Lawyer sees them and gets astonished and says how much love is in between them. Kunti was also seeing them. They were acting like no one is seeing them. Kunti says lawyer to see his son’s peaceful marriage life and says that see how much love is in between them.

When Prema sees them she gets jealous from Pratibha as she was just romancing with kanhaiya and Prema says in her mind that she will see her later.

Panjiri also gets jealous when she sees them and says to herself that how could Pratibha does like that on having her Prarthana Didi. She in anger takes a tray and carries kachoris and chatni to Kanhaiya and says that Malik and Malkin kachoris are ready and please have it. Kanhaiya says her to put it down on the table and she does but her anger was countless. She takes one kachori and crushes in her hand and says Kanhaiya to eat. Everyone was looking at her and gets amazed that what she was doing.

Then Assistant takes a kachori and tastes then he recalls and says that its taste is just like a halwai’s sweets’ taste. Panjiri gets raged and she shouts at him says that since the morning she is doing hard work and he is giving credit to that halwai. She also says to expell whatever he has eaten. When she shouts lawyer gets afraid and everyone gets amazed. Then Kunti says that Chanto you should ask for sorry from them as they are the guest of Rs 2 crore and she accepts her mistake. But Assistant says it is he who is wrong, and adds not he but his parents are responsible for this as he was there because of them. Panjiri says that no it was her mistake and both of them starts debating on this topic. Kunti then stops them and asks her to bring more kachoris.

She goes and Assistant sees her and says to himself that if she loves him she will definitely turn back. Then Panjiri recalls that the chatni was in the tray and she turns back and the Assistant goes to his dreaming world. And eats all chilly chatni, everyone calls him and finally comes him back.

Then kanhaiya goes to his shop and takes blessings of his mother. Kunti and Pratibha do his Tilak and Lawyer and Assistant gets astonished on seeing his shahi tilak and asks what do they perform it daily and they say yes. Sarla was seeing this all scene. Lawyer says to Kunti that it is enough to realize him that kanhaiya has a happy married life and says his Assistant to bring cheque and suddenly Sarla gets entered and asks Kunti that all her 5 bahus have done well.

Lawyer and Assistant get amazed that she has 5 bahus and Kunti gets afraid then they enquire from Kunti and she says yes. But she handles and weaves a story to realize Lawyer that she is mad and bahus send her back.

And Lawyer and Assistant get afraid whatever Kunti says to them about Sarla.
Then Assistant says that if really Kanaiya would have 5 wives they will not get even Rs 2.

what will happen next? Will the truth come in front of Lawyer and Assistant or They will handle this situation?


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