Your favorite and best comedy-drama show ‘Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal’s today’s (13 June)  episode starts with:

Kanaiya says his mother to not to sell her ‘pushtani haar’ and says her aashirvaad is enough to his happy life. He says that shivji will help them to overcome this problem as usual but Kunti says that yet she doesn’t need it as there is no any relative’s marriage so she will sell it to pay municipality tax. And Pratibha says that Kunti is right and says that if there will be shop only then they can live a life of joy and Kunti Devi agrees with it.

The lawyer comes to kanhaiya’s shop and asks for kanhaiya and Kaniya introduces himself to lawyer and lawyer says congratulation to him and tell him that his Shalini Bua has died but she has left a sampatti for him. But Kunti Devi says that they do not want that as Prarthna told them that she has left 2 Koti ( crore).
Then he clears to them that if they do not want 2 crores so he will bring back the cheque. Then they came to know that Prarthna has told them in pure Hindi.

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They ask Lawyer to sit and orders tea and sweets for him.
The lawyer tells them about the bets to get 2 crores. On listening to it Kunti Devi says that Kanaiya has no any criminal background so please give him the cheque.

The lawyer asks him some questions that is he married and is his life peaceful? Kanaiya says yes. The lawyer asks them to check the house and Kunti Devi sends Kanaiya with them to investigate the house.
Kunti Devi says thanks to Bhole.

At home, Pari was trying to dry the saree by tying it on herself and Panjeri reminds her that it is Mom’s saree so be careful.
Khatru brings samosas and they give it to the Assistant of the lawyer. He tells them that Kanaiya is very lucky that he got the Shalini’s property because she has 2 nephews more who could get this 2 crore but they failed to pass the clause #5.

Kanhaiya enters home. And Kunti debmvi introduces Pari as their laundry woman, Prarthna as gardener and Panjeeri as the cook as they all were in front of them. All of them get confused. Further, she introduces Pratap as kathak dance teacher who teaches them dance. Everyone was confused that what is she saying.

Now, what will happen?
What is this matter?


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