In today’s episode of Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal:

As you  know Kunti in her old time heroine and dream house owner style says  lawyer to give her 2 crores cheque and on seeing his big bag she enquires whether he has brought that cheque in that giant bag then she supports the statement by recalling last month incident and says it is obvious as someone gave her Rs100 cheque which was
wrapped in many envelopes and therefore it is obvious to carry Rs 2 crore cheque in a huge bag.Then lawyer’s  Assistant clears her that his boss carries huge bags even if he goes somewhere for 2 days just like as if he is going on the honeymoon, but a disappointing news is that he has not found a bride yet.

Lawyer says Kunti to find a girl for… and suddenly Assistant says
for him as still he is unmarried. Other bahus were watching all this scene from a balcony
as they were hiding. Kunti, again and again, asks the lawyer to give her Rs 2 crore cheque and Lawyer glares at her.

Assistant asks why Kunti about Pratibha that why her bahu has covered her eyes with ribbon and further adds that has she operated her eyes. Kunti clears him and says that these are just her ideals as she is sanskaari susheel/cultured alone her well-educated bahu.

On listening, Pari asks from  Prema that to whom Kunti is saying Susheel now.

Kunti then says to them that Prathiba sees her husband’s face first
at the beginning of her morning to have a good day. Kunti also weaves and says that she does not even drink water before seeing Kanhaiya, he has gone to shop.

Suddenly Doorbell rings and Pratibha excitedly enquires that who has come, she came.. and Pratibha walks towards the wall clock. Kunti recalls her that it is wallclock and not the door. Pratibha says she knew about it and she was just going to check the time on a clock.  Assistant gets amazed and says she is so sanskari.

Pratibha opens the door. Kanhaiya asks her that has she identified him that who he is. And Pratibha again in her retro style says that she knows that he is her
praan nath/husband.

Their fun and romance started. She says that she is feeling like that moon has landed over the earth and she is touching him she then touches his feet.

Their romance continues. Lawyer and Assistant were seeing it very keenly and get excited seeing their romance.

Kanhaiya acts as he was not known that they were seeing them surprised seeing lawyer and Assistant and asks when did they come. Kunti says that they came in the morning itself. Other bahus peacefully go out from the backdoor. Kanhaiya takes lawyer and Assistant aside while Prathibha silently takes them in. Prema enters and comes then Kunti introduces Prema as their maid. Prem starts flirting with Kanhaiya. On seeing it Kunti stops her so that no problem could arise.

Lawyer and assistant gets astonished that what she was doing. Then Prarthana and
Panjergi comes. And Kunti introduces them as a gardener and cook respectively and she says that they are sisters and their names ate Kanto and Chanto respectively.

Kanto speaks in pure Hindi and Chanto translates her sayings. Lawyer and assistant get impressed on  hearing her pure Hindi.

Kunti sends them away and says to kanhaiya to leave Lawyer and Assistant in the guest room. When they were going Pari walks from a terrace and starts her madness, she calls Kunti as maa. But Kanhiya handles the situation and says that Pari calls her as maa because her mother uses to dresses same like Kunti.

Lawyer was doubting and asks how did she come from the terrace. Pratibha ’s then starts and she says that her mother and she lives on terrace in other building and all these buildings are attached so she come here by jumping the terraces. Then  Pratap comes and starts his madness, he says that she did not step on the road till now.

Kunti says that he is their dance teacher who teaches her daughter who is sleeping on the sofa and says him to go back home as it is the holiday.

Lawyer and assistant were seeing Kanto and Chanto continuously. Kunti watches them and tries to divert their attention. They enquires that you were saying that they are alone and no one is there to look after them so why they are wearing mangalsutra.

Kunti then again uses her brain and weaves another mind-blowing idea and says that
people are very bad, pointing at lawyer and assistant, and says their husbands have disowned them that’s why they are wearing mangalsutra.

She asks to get down for breakfast. Lawyer and assistant get
astonished and impressed seeing Kanhaiya and Pratibha’s romance and comment just like Raj and Simran of DDLJ. Kunti says they are like Prem and Nisha of ‘hum apke hain kaun’. She continues her jokes and again and again asks about Rs 2 crore cheque.

Now, what will be the next drama?
Will kunti Devi get Rs 2 crore cheque easily or they will have to face a new trouble?
Why Lawyer and assistant are looking for kanto and chanto, and what they will do next?


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