As in an earlier episode of Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal we see that Kunti is trying to break the unity of her bahus as Sarla and other ladies had told her.

Today’s episode of Kya haal mr. paanchal starts with:- Pratibha was calculating all the expenditure of month and Kunti tells her that again Prema has broken the buttons of the shirt as her motive is to break their unity. Pratibha gets angry and says that she will not understand and always makes late to kanaiya. Then Kunti says that how they will tell her she says that she has to tell her as if neighbors will see they will say that she does not come good with her Bahu.

Pratibha goes to tell her. Kusum and Pratap were seeing as it was their plan and Kanaiya was trying to wear the shirt but he comes to know that buttons are broken and he calls Prema. Kunti on seeing it takes as an opportunity and Pratibha says that she will stitch the buttons. Then Pari comes there with a glass and gives to Kunti. Kunti starts drinking and sees that there was no water and it was a plan of Pari as usual. Kunti says her that she was asking for both water and glass. She leaves her and go towards her plan.

Pratibha says to Kanaiya that Prema is fool as she always uses to mischief. Kunti asks Prema that why she had broken the buttons and she denies that she had not. She takes her to show Pratibha stitching the buttons and instigate her that Pratibha wants to snatch her work. She wants to be prem diwani. Prema gets angry and says no one can take her place and she goes to Pratibha and asks her if she had stitched the buttons and she says yes. She says that she wants to have work on time. Prema says that she will break buttons of other shirts and Pratibha says that she will stitch all the buttons and then their squabbling starts. They leave and go.

Kusum says that their plan had failed. But Kunti says that they have to just blow the fire. Then again Kunti gets irritated when Pari does mistake by bringing water in a box because kunti asked her to take both water and glass so she takes glass and water in a box. Kunti calls both Prema and Pratibha to increase their mutual fight. She says that there is a marriage and she is thinking for whom to send with Kanaiya. Pratibha says that she will go as they will be on time if she will go and again they squabble. Kusum gets happy and kunti laughs like a mogambo and they plan to make other bahus fight. Kunti tells kusum that now they will make Pari and Prathana fight but kusum says that Pari will not fight so they think of Panjiri and Prarthana.

Now what will be the next drama? Will their unity be broken? Or Kunti will understand the importance and come on track. We will update you with all the drama of Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal. Stay tuned with us.


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