The Turkish historical drama television series “Kurlus” the second season has reached its 36th episode where the serial will reveal the many incidents that happened in past. This series has been created by Bozdag where Burak Ozcivit will be seen in the lead role. This is a sequel that will focus on the life of Osman I, who is the founder of the Ottoman Empire. The series is breaking records in viewership to ATV right from its previous episodes and the second season is all set to engage the audience with the story. This is one of the most viewed television series in Turkey till now. The producer Mehmet Bozdag has created a story which tells that the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman I. The story also

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 36

follows the life of Osman’s father F Ertugrul. Previously on Kurlus: Viewers saw that Dundar and Savci are making a plan to be the king as they think of the battle that happened between Nikola and Osman. When they are celebrating Targun, to be the next queen, some of the people in the party suspect that something wrong with Targun as she escaped from the circle. Osman is prepared to knock horns with Yavlak Arslan where he needs to win if he wants to become the King. On the other side, Dunder Bey is expected to be the next King as Osman is all over Nikola and quite possessive about her. Savci Bey is watching his brother’s actions and worried

about his next step. She thinks that the popularity of his brother will make him invite more enemies and it would be dangerous for him. She shows her concern about he brother to Lena. When Dunder opens up about the leadership, Hazal is impressed with him but still asks him to stay with the family for some time. Lena said that once he will be the King no one can harm him and Dunder will surrender but it would be difficult for Hazal to surrender itself. She says that they are alive because of Osman and they should be regarded for this.

Osman is all set for the war and he prays with his warriors and encourages them to fight the best to which his soldiers agree. Targun receives a cloth from Hazal as she is going to be the King’s Queen. Lena and Selcan also bring gifts for her. Nikola confronts Geyhatu and tells him to make the Turkish leave Anatolia and let Mongol live. Geyhatu asks his soldiers to catch Nikola who is escaped already. Osman is not worried about the war as he believes that death and life are all in hands of God. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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