In this blog, we going to update a serial “Kundli Bhagya”. The episode begins with the Sarla says that she knows that Maira and Sharline are planning to murder Mahesh, that time why she doesn’t tell the family, and why she get the marriage. Then Preeta says that she tries to tell them and she wanted to say at least, Karan. That they both were planning with each other to do this worst thing. But she knows that no one will trust her. Sarla holds the hand and says that she knows you don’t believe in me and do not agree with my words.

Kundli Bhagya

But still, she does that what Sarla stops her to do this. And she still gets married to that family boy which they already deny and they also refuge to accept her sacrifices. She asks from her why he doing this after knowing that she will be scolding but still she denies accepting her decision and ready to get married to the Karan. Sarla says they are not, for Preeta there is no space in his house so Preeta has to live the house. Janaki said that she doesn’t have to this because she is not like that mother.

Sarla stops to say this that she doesn’t have to talk between her and her daughter and if she is so worried about it. She should leave the house with the Preeta and everyone gets shocked to listen to her decision. Sharline mention that she is so happy that Arora both sisters was a long face, Maya says that she wants to both of them in pain. Because they both spoil her marriage life. And she only wants to get married with Karan. Sherline asserts that she should question Karan for this that he is the sole deciding authority.

Maira also says sorry to Sharline, but Sherline says she only accepts the sorry if she takes the promise that she will not talk to me like this again in the future. Then Maira did promise to her that she will never do again and also stand with her. Sherline, they start to make planning that what will they do next. Shrishti is pleading with Sarla to not do anything because she can’t live without her mother. Preeta always hears the Sarla and she always does that thing which her mother says. For more written episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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