In this episode, we are talking bout the “Kundli Bhagya”. Today episode starts when the Preeto gets unconscious to see the Mahira and gets reminisce knowing she is living. Sharlyn knocks the door of Mahira and said that everyone waiting for her. she says after getting the marriage you have to implement the plan and open the door quickly. Preeta says that she didn’t heart the Mahesh and decided to marry with Karan. Sharlyn says if Mahira do not open the door then she informs the Karan and she doesn’t realize why is she does not opening the door. Preeta sees the whiskey’s bottle there and she sniffs the tippet (dupatta).

Kundli Bhagya Latest Spoilers

She wears the Mahira marriage dress and comes outside of the room. Rishabh comes there and says come fast and reached on Mandap everyone is waiting for her. But she takes lots of time till then the guest go back to their home. Sharlyn says that she knows everything whatever is going on and why she is in the veil. She warns her and says tell the truth from your own mouth. Karan hugs the Mahesh.

Rishabh comes there and says he never has seen Karan in this situation, and he feels so helpless because he does not do anything for his brother. They said he only obeys the one person but now he is not even listening to him. He says Shrishti and Sameer live now he will pick the Karan and come with him. Shrishti said to live the Karan with Mahesh. Rishabh says Karan still doesn’t listen to anything and if they deny marrying with Mahira so he again forcing to marry Mahira, they ask to go down. Shrishti give their point of view that they do rig thing to mix the tabulates in Karan drinks because this marriage should not happen and she goes from there.

Sherlyn says to Preeta to wait outside from the room and she enters the room. Preeta gets tense to thinking that she knows the truth or what? Sherlyn sprays the Itar on Preeta and asks her why she drunk on her marriage day. and she shouts on her that why you drunk if anybody knows about this o what will we do. Rishabh says to Karan that it is the time to his wedding lets go to downstairs, everyone waiting for you. For more updating written episode stay connect with us and stay safe.


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