Written update of Kundali Bhagya today’s upcoming episode is here. firstly we want to tell you that this serial is one of the most entertaining daily entertainment serials on Television. This serial is the fusion of romance and hates in a love story. It telecast on its regular time on its regular platform. This is the 27th October 2020 Written update. let’s start to unveil upcoming exciting incidents of this serial.

Kundli Bhagya

The episode starts with Preeta when she suffers from high cold and trying to sleep and the sofa. Because of cold, she shivering so much. She asks Karan to switch off AC but even seeing her struggle. She starts cursing him but Karan says he doesn’t care about her what she says about him.

She takes a blanket and covers herself to get rid of the cold. Karan starts snoring and Preeta starts saying that if anyone disturbs her while her sleep. She says she will take a knife and definitely kill him if he still continues snoring. As we saw in previous episodes Karan has teas Preeta many times and he irritates her for the fun.

Karan wakes up in the early morning and he noticed that Preeta shivering so much in her sleep. He turns off AC and mover toward her and Karan gaze at her face and thinking that why she still looks pretty now and leaves from his room. Karan and Preeta closer together day by day.

Sarla heard the conversation of Sristy and Sameer. Both decide that they will keep Sristy away from Lathura because Preeta is also faced the current bad situation. So, they decide to protect Sristy. Preeta wakes up and has realised that now she feels okay and Karan switch off the AC. Rishabh tells Sherlyn that Mahira did wrong with Lathura’s Sherlyn thinks she can’t stay silent until she separates Karan and Preeta.

The story will take place a special twist in the current story and it will be interesting as much as expected. If you want to read more written updates of serial Kundali Bhagya. You can bookmark this website for future.


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