Again, we are back with another great and amazing daily soup Kundali Bhagya. So, the show is actually going on very well from the beginning and engaging many watchers to watch the episodes of the show. The upcoming episode begins with Dadi’s praises for the Ladoo which she makes because they are really very delicious.

Kundli Bhagya, 21st September 2021

Now, Karina stated that she is very tired because of making so much Ladoos. She asks Sarla to tell how much money Sarla has to pay to prepare them, as she will bring them again. After hearing this, Rishab is shocked and asks her what does she mean by this.

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When everyone looking at Sarla, then Karina asks why they all looking at her like this. She did not say anything wrong. She just does a catering business and this is why she is asking about this. After that, Sarla replies that she herself runs The Kumkum Bhagya hall and her brother is a caterer who manages almost everything.

Not only this, but even she herself cook for the small functions because no work is small. She further stated that she is not come here as a caterer but as a mother-in-law of Karan. She says Rakhi and Mahesh are her own family and she brought these Ladoos for Ganpati Bappa.

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After that, she replies to Karina by saying that if she is here as a worker then Karina would not be talking to her like this but she is here as a Bua of Karan and this is why Karina talking to her like this. Then Sarla forcefully hugs Karina but she is in anger. After seeing all this, Prithvi thinks Sarla did something worthwhile by giving a befitting reply to Karina as she wants to spoil the image of Sarla in front of everyone but Sarla ruined her plan.

Then, Dadi advises Rakhi to go to help Sarla in Darshan of Ganpati Bappa. Dadi leaves with Preeta and Rishab asks Karina to come with him. Rishab says he needs to talk about something important to her. Suddenly, the goons enter through the gate but before they enter inside, the guards stop them.

Now, what will happen next is actually very exciting that increasing the madness among the viewers to watch the highly anticipated episodes of the show. Kundli Bhagya will be airing on Zee TV and you can watch the complete episode on the channel.


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