In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya 24th October 2018 Karan, Preeta, and Shrishti get to knew that Ritwik is Monisha’s boyfriend. The today’s episode begins with Ritwik tolds to Monisha that they should be happy as they are rich now. He further tolds to her that Prithvi will give all his property to Monisha. To listen this everyone is in a shocking situation. They can not believe.

Karan asks to Srishty that where are Ritwik and Monisha. Srishty replies to her question that they both are on the rooftop. Sherlyn and Prithvi spend a good time with each other when she said that she wants to destroy Preeta. To listen this Prithvi gets very angry at her and tolds to her not to be involved Preeta in all this. Because of this reply by Prithvi, she was shocked.

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Sherlyn loses her patience at him and asks him that why he keeps defending to her. She asks in a very bad way. Preeta spots to Ritwik and Monisha together and they hide their faces seeing them. To saw this they were getting confused they can not think about this that why they are doing this.

Srishty asks Karan that if he is his enemy but Karan said that he has not seemed him before. Srishty takes a picture of Ritiwik and they start following them. They were following like they were playing the game. Sherlyn and Prithvi both started arguing with each other.
Sherlyn leaves and Prithvi tolds to her that he has broken up with her now. Monisha gets a call from Prithvi but she does not pick it up. Karan and Preeta both started fighting with each other and Srishty follow Ritwik and Monisha. Karan and Preeta start fighting with each other and Srishty tried to calm them.


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