In the upcoming episode of “Kundli Bhagya” when Karan talks to his father then he gets a ring then Karan stops searching the ring and came to Luthra’s room. Then Shrishtee sees the Karan and something kept on his hand. Shrishti said she see the ring in your hand then Karan throw the ring. Sharline says I know what happens here. Rishabh says that so many things happen here but you said that you can’t understand the things that happen here and Sharlyn said that you know what happens to me. Sharlyn asks Rishabh why I am helping to the kidnapper. Then Rishab said they have a reason and saw her the plat in which Sherlyn keep the fruits. The Rishabh said I know everything doesn’t say story to me.

Kundli Bhagya Today's Episode

When everything is going to sort then Sherlyn said she can do anything for Preeta. Then Preeta said to Mahira how to murder Mahesh’s uncle, She said she know everything that you said with the Sherlyn. Preeta said that she can’t stop the marriage with Karan. Kareena went to Rishabh’s room, asking Sherlyn what happen. Preeta goes out of the room suddenly Mahira wants to hold on Preeta’s neck but she can’t and Nahira hits with the flower bowl on Preeta heads. Preeta also hits on Mahira’s head, the Mahira fell down on the floor.

In the next upcoming episode of Kundli Bhagya, Rishabh decided to confront Sherlyn and he wants to know everything that why she lies from him, How can kidnapper was found the knife in the unknown room. Preeta goes to Mahira’s room and tells her that even then the Luthra family does not trust police will. She calls the police and also says that stops the marriage of Karan and Mahira because she is already married. Sharlyn once again makes h image and threats him to hit him if he again doubts on her.

Karan wants to talk about the marriage with his father so he went to his father’s house and when he reached the room he started crying. He got the earring from Mahesh’s room and again started emotionally to see the accessory. Mahira wants to stop Preeta and wants to close the door. Still, Preeta tries to come out from the room but Mahir attack on her and she tried to murder of Preeta. For more written updated stories be tunned with us and stay safe.



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